The British Council organises a number of events on social media where you can ask expert educators questions about a range of current teaching themes and topics. Find out more about these events below.

What are community events?

Our community events are an opportunity to listen to teachers and experts from the British Council and the wider teacher community answering questions from teachers and teacher educators like you. The events take place on Facebook and each one lasts about 30 minutes.

How do I join in?

You can find a list of events on this page. Look at the event details and if the time is suitable for you, just follow the event meeting link. If you want to ask questions, you need a Facebook account. If you don't or can't use Facebook, you can watch a recording of the events – see the event details page for a link to the recording.

What happens in a live event?

Our team of educators lead a discussion about a chosen topic and then answer questions from you, the viewing audience. People all over the world join in and ask questions.

See our community events below

12 Jul 2021

Join our live Q&A session on Wednesday, 14 July, when Sheona Gilmore and Tracey Chapelton discuss how to support young children...

22 Jun 2021

Watch a recording of our Q&A session when Claire Ross and Suzanne Mordue discuss planning lessons and courses.

07 May 2021

Watch a recording of Claire Ross and Josh Underwood, our course educators, in our live Q&A session on Wednesday, 9 June.

29 Apr 2021

Watch a recording of our live Q&A session, when Claire Ross and Suzanne Mordue discussed planning and delivering thoughtful and...

29 Apr 2021

Watch a recording of our Q&A session, when Sheona Gilmour and Tracey Chapelton discussed how to support young children learning...

17 Apr 2021

Watch a recording of this live Q&A event with Chris Sowton looking at strategies for teaching in challenging contexts.

13 Apr 2021

Watch a recorded Q&A session about using technology to help your students.

07 Apr 2021

In this live discussion on Monday 19 April, Todd Finley shares his advice for secondary teachers on how to help learners develop...

02 Apr 2021

Watch a recording of a discussion with well-being expert Clea Thompson on how teachers can support each other emotionally.

26 Mar 2021

See a recording of this discussion and demo of some simple ways to exploit a text. 

15 Mar 2021

Watch a recording of this community event from 16 March 2021 discussing storytelling in language teaching.

15 Mar 2021

Watch a recording of this community event to discuss some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages.

15 Mar 2021

Join us on 23 March for a community event looking at assessing learners.