Voice recognition to help the students' autonomy

Watch this talk by Raquel Ribeiro about student autonomy. 

About the session

Technology can empower both teachers and learners.  One way that can be done is by digital collaboration during classes.  A key approach that the term ‘student agency’ refers to is the  learner's autonomy to use the available mobile-friendly resources with the teacher's guidance at first and then gradually incorporate that to their studying  routine.

In this webinar I invite you to focus on the ways in which speech recognition has evolved and how to encourage our learners to use it productively when studying synchronously or asynchronously. 

Watch the recording below

About the speaker

Raquel Ribeiro is an EdTech expert, Google Innovator and a tech-savvy English language teacher at Cultura Inglesa SP who writes and presents her practical findings on how technology can enhance the students' language learning journey.

She is also a teacher trainer and one of the authors of the Teacher Editions of the Cambridge University Press Evolve series. 

She blogs about the possibilities of mobile-learning to teach English in the World of Better learning by CUP.


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