Making it obvious - reflection that works

Watch a recording of this talk by Maria Jose Galleno looking at reflection.

About the session

We know that reflection and self-awareness are things that make better learners but are we really implementing it in the classroom? How many times do we carry out different activities but because of timing we don't focus on the really important aspect of helping our students to reflect? If you have thought about this previously, I encourage you to come and join me where I will go through some of my favourite activities and walk you through my thinking process for the classroom. 

Watch the recording below

About the speaker

María José has been an English teacher since 2003, a teacher trainer since 2011 and a British Council online moderator since 2012. She is very much interested in the field of student and teacher self-awareness. She holds an MA in Digital Technology and Communication and Education from the University of Manchester and another MA in TESOL Teacher Education from the same university. 


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