Integrating ICT into the ESL classrooms: Promoting Better Teaching Techniques

Watch a recording of this talk by Tehmina Kalwar looking at integrating ICT into ESL classrooms.

About this session

Technology has become the most important aspect of English Language Classrooms as it helps to make learners the actual practitioners of the target language. Integrating resources of ICT in the language classrooms can help both teachers as well as learners to use the target language in creative and fun ways. Usage of multiple websites and applications can help the learners practice speaking, listening, writing and reading while enjoying the processes. ICT aids can facilitate visual, auditory, as well as tactile learners to use the target language effectively. With the help of technology, a language teacher can use the method of differentiation in the classrooms to facilitate all kinds of learners.

In this presentation, Tehmina will introduce various ICT resources which can be incorporated into the ESL classrooms. She will make the presentation interesting by adding practical aspects along with theory. The audience will be made to participate in some fun activities, so they can learn to use the resources in their classrooms. The main objective of the presentation is to equip English language teachers with the knowledge of multiple resources that they can take to their classrooms to make the learning process interesting and effective.

Watch the recording below.

About the speaker

Tehmina Kalwar has been teaching English to ESL learners since 2017 and since then, she has been working hard to learn modern English language teaching methods. She believes that teaching is a continuous process of learning and a teacher must always strive for opportunities in order to become an effecient knowledge and skills provider. 

Tehmina has completed many professional development courses in order to refine her teaching skill. She completed her MS in English Linguistics in 2021 and currently she is working as an ELT specialist in National University of Modern languages, Hyderabad campus. 


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