How K-12 Teachers Can Develop Change-Makers for People & Planet

Watch a recording of this talk by Ilan Enverga looking at developing change-makers for people and planet.

About this session

Believe it! Yes, it is more than possible for K-12 teachers to complete all learning objectives of the prescribed curriculum, while also simultaneously training students to be change makers for people & planet.

For several years already, a school in the Philippines has successfully implemented an interdisciplinary, experiential learning & project-based education program, aligned with national curriculum standards, that aims to normalize agency & citizen participation in solving global problems at a local level.

Through this talk, primary & secondary level educators will learn how to regularly infuse hands-on experiences for students to solve real-world problems in the local community.

Not only is this pedagogy a solution to the urgent need to both achieve & teach the UN SDGs, this educational model boosts student engagement, intrinsic motivation, self-esteem and even academic performance. Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and for teachers, there’s no time like right now to put those words into practice.

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About the speaker

Ilan Enverga is a K-12 educator & SDG advocate from the Philippines. Through teacher training, curriculum realignment and student empowerment initiatives, he implemented an innovative education program at his school, ISBB, that infuses real-world civic engagement into interdisciplinary, SDG-driven, project-based learning across preschool, elementary & high school academics.

Ilan's experiences with private & public education, as well as in local & international education, have given him the unique lens to redesign education to solve our biggest systemic problems. He is also a Focal Point at UNESCO’s SDG4 Youth Network.


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