Education and Climate Change: Connecting storytelling and Environmental Crises in EFL Classes

Watch a recording of this talk by Dagnachew Adefris Gebrehiwot looking at storytelling and climate change.

About this session

Education is key to bring attitudinal change to climate change, which has become an apprehension of everyone in our world.
Hence, bringing new methods of teaching in classroom should be part of the rigorous efforts undertaken to save the dying Mother Earth. As there is no climate action without environmental action, 21st century teachers need to incorporate environmental and climatic issues in their teachings whatever subject they are teaching.

As an English language and literature teacher in Woldia University, Ethiopia, I have an experience of integrating stories of environmental destructions and climate issues in EFL classrooms. Storytelling helps me bring the environmental scenes to classroom as lively as possible and integrate language skills of my young university learners. With storytelling, my learners could improve their classroom participation and speaking abilities, feel sympathy to destruction of nature, encouraged to develop their environmental and climate literacy alongside their language skills.

Green stories allow learners with fresh outlook, create sense of connections, foster learners’ environmental stewardship and interest in local and global sustainability. Storytelling is effective to raise awareness of environmental action and how we should address the issue alongside language skills   if it is presented through multi-voice, humour and immersive techniques.

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About the speaker

Daganchew Adefris  Gebrehiwot holds a PhD, MA, and BA in English Literature. He received his BA degree from Hawassa University in 2009, his MA in 2011 and his PhD  in 2020 from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Daganchew currently works as senior lecturer and researcher in the Department of English Language and literature, Woldia University, Ethiopia. He has over seven years’ teaching experience as English language and literature teacher and teacher researcher. His specialist interests include teaching English language skills, African postcolonial literature, environmental humanities, climate fiction and storytelling and youth literature in tertiary classes.


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