Using WhatsApp for interactive tasks

Watch a recording of the sixth talk in our World Teachers' Day 2021 celebrations with Jessica Mackay.

One hour

About the webinar

As teachers, we are constantly looking for opportunities to exploit the learning potential of the tools and resources that our learners are already using. WhatsApp, or other free messaging platforms, are now almost ubiquitous in many contexts. This interactive workshop reports on a project designed to increase EFL learners’ exposure to English outside class through a programme of tasks on the social media platform ‘WhatsApp’. We will look at the different activities used, e.g. drills, Q & A and guessing games and discuss the participation generated and the type of language produced. We’ll also see how the learners’ interaction in the group went beyond the tasks set by the teacher, which has interesting implications for learner engagement, group dynamics and learner agency. Finally, we’ll use this experience to suggest some tips for encouraging successful online interaction.

Recorded on 7 October 2021

Watch a recording below

About the speaker

Jessica has the RSA Dip. TEFLA, MA and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. She is an EFL teacher and head of Teacher Training at the Escola d'Idiomes Moderns, Universitat de Barcelona, IATEFL Research SIG committee member and Barcelona Area Coordinator for TESOL Spain.

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Submitted by libe on Fri, 10/08/2021 - 12:58

I am grateful for the course offered through this platform I really got some thing new in my mind 

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