Single Voices, Global Choices: An Online Community Project

Watch a recording of the second talk in our World Teachers' Day 2021 celebrations with Lesley Fearn.

One hour

About the talk

There has been much research into the global value of Online Community Projects (OCPs), but little into their potential for foreign or second language teachers. Therefore, many secondary school language teachers create their theory by integrating OCPs into their curriculums, even during the recent pandemic and lockdown.

This presentation provides examples from ‘Single Voices, Global Choices’ (Zielonka and Fearn, 2021), an OCP hosted on various platforms, such as WordPress, eTwinning and Teams. It explains how integrating OCPs into language curriculums can support teachers in their professional development and incite learner-centred approaches. The difficulties and compensations of learner-centred OCP activities are outlined in this presentation, and examples are given of how they motivated and empowered both teachers and learners, even during the darkest days of lockdown.

Participants following this presentation will come away with a clearer idea of what an OCP is and how it can enrich their curriculums and empower their learners.

Recorded on 5 October 2021

Watch the recording below

About the speaker

Dr. Lesley Fearn is an English teacher in a state secondary school in the south of Italy. She is also an affiliated researcher with the Open University, where she recently completed her EdD in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies. Her areas of interest are the teaching and learning of EFL using online community projects in secondary school environments.

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