Looking back to look ahead: Language teaching experiences during COVID-19

Watch a recording of the first talk in our World Teachers' Day 2021 celebrations with Sophia Mavridi.


About the talk

The rapid transition from face-to-face to alternative ways of instruction has significantly disrupted all sectors of education including English Language Teaching. While this disruption has exposed existing gaps and inequalities, it has also revealed extraordinary educational resilience and resourcefulness. 

Drawing on a large-scale study on language teaching experiences during Covid-19, this session will offer in-depth insights into language professionals’ perceptions, experiences, challenges, and opportunities as instruction shifted from face-to-face delivery to online. More importantly, it will look ahead and discuss how these positive and negative experiences can inform future decision-making, planning and strategy. 

As the findings relate specifically to teaching languages remotely, this session is relevant to language professionals (teachers, trainers, managers and policy makers) who are interested in sustaining transformative change; not just as an emergency response but as a way of moving the educational experience forward.

Read the report of the study: Language teaching experiences during Covid-19

Recorded on 5 October 2021

Watch a recording of the talk below

About the speaker

Sophia Mavridi is a digital learning specialist and lecturer in English Language Teaching at De Montfort University (UK). Her research focuses on online learning and the increasingly important role of digital literacies in language education. Sophia supports institutions and teachers to integrate technology in a pedagogically sound way and has trained for major organisations around the world. Her latest publications are Language Teaching Experiences During COVID-19 (2021), English for 21st Century Skills (2020) and Digital Innovations and Research in Language Learning (2020), all of which reflect her keen interest in innovative pedagogies in language education. Find out more about her at Digital Pedagogy.  

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Submitted by dennishrf on Sat, 10/23/2021 - 14:02

Now I could watch all the webinar. It was so great and useful. Thank you so much for sharing this content with us.

Submitted by kanastasia83 on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 08:21

very intersting data, very convincing comments, glad to hear I`m among those who faced the challenges of emergency online learning

Submitted by Ferdouse Abdel… on Wed, 09/22/2021 - 08:54

I'm looking forward to attending the webinar. 

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