Which English? Whose English?

Watch a recording of Tony Young's session about different Englishes at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020.

About the session

There’s considerable controversy in academic circles around which models and targets of English(es) are suitable for different learners and teachers worldwide. This webinar presents research which addresses these controversies and which sought the views of practitioners on present and future realities as they see them. It will:

  • explore the suitability of available models and targets such as American English, British English, English as a Lingua Franca and ‘local’ varieties like Indian or Chinese English.
  • highlight some of the controversies surrounding available ‘Englishes’.
  • consider which varieties currently are, should be and (perhaps) will be learned in language classrooms around the world.

About the speaker

Tony Johnstone Young is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication at Newcastle University in the north of England. Prior to becoming an academic he was a language teacher for over 20 years in various location around the world. His research looks at how people’s identities and group memberships influence communication, and his work has been supported by various national and international funders including the European Commission, the British Council and by a Newton Advanced Fellowship.

Watch a recording Tony's talk 'Which English? Whose English?' below

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