Staying safe online in the new school year

Watch a recording of Boris Radanovic's closing plenary session about online safety at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020.

About the session

The future is here. We can no longer say 'the future' of digital technologies - it is now and today. While we have had decades to prepare, we are now at the centre of technological assistance to our way of life. Teaching, socialising, educating, working, and much more has changed in recent months. How are educators prepared, what are the things to keep vigilant about? Join me for a talk on online safety, the current trends and challenges of the digital world and let's find out together how we can make the internet a better and safer place for children. We all have a responsibility to learn more and to raise awareness about the benefits and challenges of the digital space. So, let's lead by example and imagine the future together.

About the speaker

Boris is the Engagement and Partnership Manager for the UK Safer Internet Centre working at South West Grid for Learning. The UK Safer Internet Centre is the national awareness centre and forms part of the European Commission’s, Safer Internet Programme and part of the European Insafe network. For the last three years, since the creation of the Croatian SIC, he has worked as the Awareness coordinator for the Croatian Safer Internet Centre where he has held more than one hundred presentations and educations about online safety to children, parents, teachers, police officers, social care workers and companies in Croatia. As an expert speaker in the field of online safety he has been working with the European Commission, TAIEX instrument, on four expert missions to Belarus, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia to present the topic of online safety to government officials, NGO’s and stakeholders as well as presented as a keynote and guest speaker at European conferences on the topics of new and emerging trends and applications being used by children and youth online. He is also a member of the Trust and Safety board at Twitter and has advised a government on creating and adopting Online child safety policies and best practices.

Watch a recording of Boris's plenary talk 'Staying safe online in the new school year' below

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