Online teaching- establishing connections that go beyond the screen

Watch a recording of Tamires Gama's session about online teaching at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020.

About the session

The aim of this talk is to empower and better equip teachers who would like to get into online teaching, or those who are already teaching online, but still need to overcome fears, lack of intimacy with online students, online platforms and activities. Participants’ attention is drawn to students’ language acquisition process and its affective factors in the online environment by providing ideas, strategies and possible solutions for technical and pedagogical problems that might arise in this teaching context. Based on Krashen’s Affective filter hypothesis and Hayo Reinders’ suggestions on the best practices in online instruction, research-based evidence is provided to suggest that the realization of the potentiality of the online instruction as a facilitator for the students depend on the ability of the teacher to draw the pedagogical advantage of this context by getting better prepared to wisely and efficiently face its pitfalls.

About the speaker

Tamires Gama has been teaching English Online for four years and runs her own online business called Simplifica- Soluções para o aprendizado de Inglês. She has a B.A. in Languages from USP and is also a CPE and CELTA holder. She has also taken a TESOL certificate from the university of Anaheim in California and she has taken a course in Learning to Teach Online from the University of New Wales in Sydney. She is also a speaker about Online teaching and has already presented at several Braz Tesol events.

Watch a recording of Tamires Gama's talk 'Online teaching- establishing connections that go beyond the screen' below

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