Keeping students ‘school fit’ during COVID

Watch a recording of Monique Bachman's session about maintaining students' academic 'fitness' during lockdown at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020.

About the session

This talk looks at the under-served communities and under-resourced reality most South African learners faced even before COVID. It identifies the driving force behind reaching success during COVID and when distance learning becomes everyone's main objective and collaboration becomes easy. It will show how using a blend of WhatsApp and an online platform with paper-based teaching ensured learners remain “academically fit”, focusing on the benefits experienced first-hand regarding learner's skill development despite school closure.

About the speaker

Monique Bachmann has quickly established herself as one of the go-to English resource developers in South Africa. As a 21st Century teaching ambassador of Education, Monique is an innovative South African woman, who intends to leave a legacy for thousands of struggling learners in her country. She has been an English teacher at N Diederichs Technical High School (Gauteng, South Africa) for the past nine years. When she is not teaching, Monique provides her services to the National and Provincial Department of Education for developing assessments, while also being an active personal development trainer for fellow educators.

Watch a recording of Monique's session 'Hitting home runs from home - Keeping students ‘school fit’ during Covid-19' below

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