The hybrid classroom. Dilemmas, choices and solutions

Watch a recording of Sophia Mavridi's opening plenary talk at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020.

About the session

The lessons learnt during the first phases of Covid-19 have provided school systems with the opportunity to proactively plan and design the next phases. One of the most promising scenarios is moving to a hybrid-learning model which, in general terms, aims to combine face-to-face and remote tuition into a coherent whole. What will the implications be for the teacher and the student? How can we plan and prepare for the hybrid classroom? Informed by digital learning pedagogies, this session looks at effective and practical ways of planning and integrating hybrid-learning models in language education.

About the speaker

Sophia Mavridi is a digital learning specialist and a lecturer in English Language Teaching at De Montfort University in the UK. She also works with educational institutions around the world providing in-service training and consultation.   Her latest publications are ‘English for 21st Century Skills’ (Express Publishing, 2020) and ‘Digital Innovations and Research in Language Learning’ (IATEFL, 2020) both of which reflect her keen interest in innovative pedagogies in language education. She is a regular presented at international conferences and posts about digital learning on her website and social media.

Watch a recording of Sophia's talk and the opening of the conference below


Submitted by ramis.claudia on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 12:13

I just want to thank Sophia for such broad ideas to make my teaching in the digital environment better.

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