How to build a secure online environment to protect young learners and teens

Watch a recording of Jennifer Dobson's session about online safety at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020

About the session

The sudden move to emergency remote teaching also brought increased safety risks. Having well-established child protection procedures in place provides secure foundations which can be adapted to changing circumstances. In this talk, Jennifer explores key safeguarding issues and considers how to set up flexible guidelines to protect both ourselves and our young learners for future eventualities.

About the speaker

Jen Dobson has experience as an ELT teacher, writer, trainer, and IT coordinator specialising in safe, creative educational technology. She is a trainer on the International House Certificate in Online Tutoring and the Social Media and Technology Coordinator for IATEFL MaWSIG. Her recent contributions to community safeguarding include the online child protection section of the new YLTSIG website, a special feature in their open-access newsletter, and the safety section of the Playbook for Emergency Remote Teaching.

Watch a recording of Jennifer's talk 'How to build a secure online environment to protect young learners and teens' below

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