Changing our teaching in challenging times

Watch a recording of this session from the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020 about adapting our teaching in challenging times.

About the session

For most of us in teaching, the coronavirus pandemic has probably been our biggest challenge.  And because teachers are resilient and creative, there are many inspiring stories of how teachers have coped with those challenges. In this presentation a panel of four educators from Africa and Europe discuss some of the ways in which they have managed to sustain teaching and learning while their schools have been closed. We show some short videos of teachers talking about their innovations and discuss some of the issues with technologies and resources that we have confronted and how teachers have overcome these.

About the speakers

Tim Phillips is head of teacher development and leads on the British Council’s support of teacher development worldwide, through the British Council Teaching for Success approach, and the development and provision of resources facilitating that approach. He works with British Council offices worldwide, with ministries of education and other organisations funding and supporting teacher development in the state school sector.

Rabiah Chaudhry is a Teach for Pakistan Fellow, based in Pakistan.

Daniela Cuccurullo is an English teacher and digital coordinator at Giordana Striano Technical and Technological Secondary School in Naples, Italy.

Lazarous Sinkala works at the Mpelembe Secondary School, Kitwe, Copperbelt province, in Zambia.

Wonderboy (Wanda) Mpisi is the principal of Nogqaza Primary School, Mevana Township, Howick, in South Africa.

Watch a recording of the session 'Changing our teaching in challenging times' below

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