Sadie Maddocks - An Education System that Works

In this talk, Sadie looks at different successful education systems and discusses what makes them work.

About the webinar

What exactly is it that makes an education system thrive? From Finland to South Korea, from Singapore to Poland, the education systems of these countries are rated some of the world’s best. But why? What can other countries learn from these seemingly diametrically opposed educational models? How can we determine the traits of educational success? Is it policy makers or teachers who are the key players in instigating change and guaranteeing learning outcomes?

This presentation addresses these big questions by investigating what good education systems have in common, examining lessons that we can learn and looking at practical ways that we can implement key changes to make a difference. We explore the notion that it is teachers who are at the heart of education systems, teachers who have an effect on students' learning, and so it is teachers who can lead the educational revolution and pave the way to An Education System that Works.

About the speaker

Sadie Maddocks is a Delta-qualified English language teacher and trainer, who has been working in education in Asia and South America for over ten years. As the Senior Training Consultant for English for Education Systems, British Council, Vietnam, Sadie has developed a number of professional development projects for local teachers using the Teaching for Success approach. Sadie is a passionate believer in the role of the teacher in inspiring students to learn and in education being the key to success.

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