Graham Stanley - Remote teaching for success

In this talk, Graham looks at how the Teaching for Success CPD framework is being used with teachers to deliver lessons in a remote teaching context.

About the webinar

In Uruguay, the British Council is involved in an exciting project teaching English remotely to 3,300 primary state school students across the country. This new way of teaching demands more of the teacher than is usually expected of a young learner educator.

Among other things, the teacher has to:-

  • deliver an interactive and lively class although they are physically removed from the learners
  • work in a team with another teacher, coordinating in Spanish on a weekly basis
  • manage (with the help of the Uruguayan classroom teacher) the learners at a distance
  • integrate a range of ICT, including videoconferencing equipment, websites and presentation software

In this session, I will show how the British Council's Teaching for Success CPD framework has proven to be a useful tool that can be easily adapted to this unique form of teaching. It makes it easier for the teachers to know where they are professionally and how they can develop in areas they need to in order to better teach remotely. It also provides them with an easy guide to managing their own professional development.

About the speaker

Graham Stanley is Country Director for the British Council in Uruguay, whose main project is working with Plan Ceibal to deliver 3,500 weekly English classes via videoconferencing to state primary school children across the country. Graham is author of ‘Language Learning and Technology’ (CUP, 2013), which was awarded the English Speaking Union HRH Duke of Edinburgh award for ELT book of the year in 2013. He is co-author of ‘Digital Play: computer games and language aims’ (Delta, 2011), which won the ELT innovation award (ELTon) for Teacher Resources in 2012.


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Thank you, Abdullah - I'm glad you found it interesting. My slides are available to download here:

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