Teaching English in large classes – a sociocultural approach

In this webinar recording, Jason Anderson, winner of the 2016 British Council ELTon award for Local Innovation, explores how teachers of English working in large classes can develop local solutions to the challenges they face, by collaborating with colleagues in their school community and wider social environment.

About the webinar

After identifying some of the challenges of teaching English in large classes, this webinar looks at ways in which teachers of large classes can develop their own solutions appropriate to the context in which they work. We take a sociocultural approach to this question, understanding the English teacher as part of a school community in a wider social environment, working both with teachers of English and other subjects. After introducing an action research cycle for problem-solving, we look at examples of possible solutions (including approaches, techniques and activities) drawn from the practices of primary and secondary teachers around the world.

About the speaker

Jason Anderson is a teacher educator, consultant, and author. He has taught languages, developed materials and supported teachers, both pre-service and in-service, in primary, secondary, and tertiary contexts in Africa, Europe, and Asia. He has worked in both state and private sectors, and for international development partners such as UNICEF, the British Council, and VSO. In 2016, he won the British Council ELTon Local Innovation award for his book Teaching English in Africa (EAEP 2015), a practical guide for primary and secondary teachers of English that draws on expertise from across Africa to offer practical support for novice teachers.

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Watch the webinar recording below

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