Sparking the Magic of Creative Writing in the Primary and Secondary classroom

Watch a recording of this webinar with Dinesha Senaratne and Anju Moses.

About the webinar

The overarching theme of the webinar will focus on the importance of setting the context as well as helping learners understand the importance of key story elements. It will also focus on how we as teachers can support students to draw on their own imagination and guide them to fully explore their creativity and critical thinking. It will look at tools teachers can use to differentiate and support diverse needs of the whole class when teaching creative writing. These ideas can be used by teachers to ensure that all students have the opportunity to contribute and develop in this exciting and sometimes challenging area.

By the end of the webinar, participants will have looked at some practical tools and techniques to teach creative writing in a fun and engaging manner across both primary and secondary age groups.

Recorded on 24 January 2022

Watch a recording of the webinar below.

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About the speakers

Dinesha Senaratne is an EFL teacher at the British Council, Sri Lanka. She comes from a background of working with young learners in various contexts. She has been teaching since 2009 and is experienced in AMI methodology, Primary Education and teaching drama. She is passionate about making stories come alive with young children and enjoys writing about encouraging creative writing in the classroom in her free time. She also holds an MA from the University of Nottingham focusing on Educational Research. 

Anju Moses is Head of Young Learners and Adults, British Council, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She has worked for British Council for over 14 years. Prior to that she worked in Corporate and Soft Skills training contexts. Anju has an extensive background in teaching across all contexts and age groups and has experience in teacher training and delivering corporate courses. In her role, she implements strategic initiatives considering student, parent and teacher feedback to constantly adapt and customise materials and content to suit learners and drive business growth. Anju is interested in Assessment, Materials design and Learning & Professional Development. She has published two children’s fiction chapter books and is passionate about teaching reading and creative writing.


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I am grateful to you for such useful information!

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Thank you so much for such useful tools for creative writing.

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It is awesome, and practical comments.

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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God bless the organizers. 

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Thank you for giving us such a wonderful learning platform.

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