Keith Kelly - Ingredients for successful CLIL

Recorded in March 2014, this webinar by Keith Kelly looks at the successful implementation of CLIL.

About the webinar

In recent years, it’s been quite common to find governments with motivation for CLIL. It’s less common to find motivated governments who think seriously in the longer term about CLIL implementation and all it entails, (though there are some significant exceptions). Successful CLIL depends on a variety of factors. This webinar discusses four of these factors relevant to successful implementation of CLIL.

Firstly, we look at questions of managing and supporting the CLIL implementation process. Secondly, we look at the roles and behaviours of teachers in the delivery of CLIL. Thirdly, we examine the issue of resourcing CLIL in schools. Lastly, but by no means least importantly, we consider factors to do with the learners in CLIL education. Along the way, we will consider examples of CLIL in action in a number of contexts.

About the speaker

Keith Kelly founder of FACTWorld, a global network of 3500 CLIL teachers, is author of the Macmillan Science and Geography Vocabulary Practice Series and is consultant to Macmillan's onestopclil website. Keith teaches on CLIL INSETT at Vienna University of Education and is owner-manager of Anglia School specializing in immersive English for young children. Keith works as a freelance consultant on projects focusing on learning content through the medium of a foreign language.

Links: Below is a list of useful links suggested during the webinar by Keith and the participants.

Watch a recording of the webinar below

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