Creative ideas for your CPD

Watch a recording of the fifth in our series of 'Creativity' webinars with Claire Steele and Sarah Smith, looking at creative ideas for your continuing professional development.

About this series of webinars

Between April and November 2022, Claire Steele and Sarah Smith from eltonix will be running a series of six webinars looking at different aspects of creativity in the language classroom. Alongside our regular webinar schedule, Claire and Sarah will give a monthly 60-minute online workshop on a range of related themes, including:

  1. What is creativity in the classroom? Watch a recording of this webinar
  2. Task design promoting creative thinking skills - part 1. Watch a recording of this webinar
  3. Task design promoting creative thinking skills - part 2. Watch a recording of this webinar
  4. Creative feedback. Watch a recording of this webinar
  5. Creative ideas for your continuing professional development. Watch a recording of this webinar below
  6. Being creative with low resources. Watch a recording of this webinar

About the webinar

All teachers are expected, and usually really want to, take part in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and if you are reading this webinar blurb, then it seems that you are interested in exactly that!

CPD is often standardised at schools, and includes observations, peer observations, training sessions delivered by senior members of staff, or teacher training courses.

This is all very useful but it’s also very top-down and doesn’t often allow you, the teacher, to make choices and explore your own progression in a way that involves your students. So, it’s time to get creative with our CPD!

In this webinar, we explore:

  • More creative ways of exploring questions we have about our current classroom practice and our current groups of students
  • How to formulate ‘exploratory questions’
  • How to carry out classroom-based exploratory research
  • How to reflect on our own development

Recorded on 22 September 2022

Watch a recording of the webinar below

About the speakers

Claire Steele

I’m Claire and I have worked in EFL/ESL as a teacher, trainer, manager and consultant worldwide, but mainly in the UK, Australia, Colombia and Greece. I have always been interested in inspiring students and teachers, so teacher development has always been my area of interest and career path. I’ve been very privileged to have worked with teachers all over the world in their contexts. I’m interested in student-centred learning, fostering creativity and critical-thinking in the classroom, reflective practice, and adapting materials to create a more dynamic and engaging learning experience. I also actively support inclusive classroom practices for all English teachers and students. I am co-founder and director of eltonix (

Sarah Smith

I’m Sarah and I have worked as an EFL/ESL teacher in Senegal, Japan, Ecuador and Turkey. I was a teacher and mentor in Thailand and France and am now based in Greece where I initially worked as an academic manager and a teacher trainer. My areas of interest are teacher training and development, reflective practice, student-centred learning, holistic child development, incorporating life skills in the classroom and encouraging a sense of progress through learning to learn techniques. I am also an advocate for inclusive classroom practices which provide a safe learning environment for all teachers and students. I am co-founder and director of eltonix (



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