ELTons Innovation Awards 2021 - Finalists

See the finalists for the ELTons 2021.

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Now in their nineteenth year, The British Council ELTons Awards for innovation in English language teaching and learning celebrate the newest and most original courses, books, publications, apps, platforms, projects, and more, which find new ways to meet the real-life needs of English language learners and teachers around the world.

In the last year, professionals in the global English language teaching community have shown extraordinary resourcefulness, finding ways to limit the disruption to learners’ education, at an unparalleled pace. The ELTons 2021 is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate teams and individuals innovating against the odds.

Read about all of the finalists in the five different categories for this year's awards below.


Innovation in learner resources

Days Crossing | Chasing Time English (New Zealand)

Chasing Time English delivers a unique opportunity for English language education with our Days Crossing series: an engaging drama with purposeful teaching resources designed to motivate learners.

English language classes should excite. They should grip the imagination and inspire students to speak and to write. They should be eager to hear more. And the things they learn should be real and be crucial.

We believe video is the medium to achieve this. The Days Crossing drama series makes for compelling viewing, enlivened with intrigue, humour, surprise and tension. Our vision is for the series to stand on its own as entertainment: captivate learners, and the learning will follow.

We back this up with solid, cutting-edge pedagogy. Our international team of materials developers consists of applied linguists and experienced industry professionals dedicated to designing resources based on contemporary, research-backed approaches.

Chasing Time English promises pedagogical innovation, learner engagement, and quality assurance.

Find out more about Days Crossing

Escape the classroom | Perceptia Press (United Kingdom / Japan

Discover the secrets of Enigma… break out of a prison cell… make contact with aliens… rescue a trapped prince… solve the mystery of the dead chemist… read the fortune teller’s hidden message… escape from a desert island…

Feel the excitement of an escape room and discover the benefits of flow in this ground-breaking textbook. Being completely absorbed in an activity improves performance, creativity, and mental well-being, and the challenging activities in this communication course book aim to transform students’ English learning experience.

While immersed in mysterious worlds, solving puzzles and breaking codes, students are strengthening their English communication abilities and developing skills vital to the real world:

  • problem-solving
  • observation
  • concentration
  • keeping calm under pressure
  • teamwork
  • creativity
  • lateral thinking
  • decision making

Are you ready for your first mission? Assemble your team and prepare to…


Find out more about Escape the Classroom

Fiction Express | Fiction Express (Boolino SL) (Spain / United Kingdom)

Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of English language learning. Reading is an integral part of learning English as a second language. Our unique methodology improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between students and authors.

Fiction Express redefines reading by creating a student-centred approach (focused on experience and learning outcomes) instead of a product-focused (= book) method. The original-English Fiction Express stories offer a unique learning opportunity for ELT students, combining an online glossary, audio version, author forum and other activities for reading, writing, spelling, punctuation & grammar and speaking & listening.

Like the “flipped classroom” approach, the Fiction Express methodology focuses on student engagement and active learning, giving teachers a better opportunity to deal with varying levels, student difficulties and differentiated learning preferences.

Find out more about Fiction Express 

Online English Pronunciation Course | Luke Nicholson, Improve Your Accent (United Kingdom)

This innovative and engaging pronunciation course is tailored to the student’s native language with lessons designed to prioritise improving intelligibility. It includes:

  • Practical exercises to train the speech muscles
  • Ear-training games with multiple voices
  • Mouth animations
  • Sense-based approach to learning sounds
  • Audio that the user can slow down or speed up
  • Buttons to reveal IPA transcriptions
  • Comparisons between the sound systems of the student’s native language and English

Offering a multimodal approach to learning, this interactive course covers vowels, consonants, rhythm, intonation and articulatory settings. It has been created for adults with an upper-intermediate/advanced level of English who live in England. Standard Southern British English is used as a model, but reference is made to other accents throughout.

Students can attend regular live classroom sessions for coaching and support. In addition, guidance is given about how to practise and how to incorporate what is learned into everyday speech.

Find out more about Online English Pronunciation course

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary App | Oxford University Press (United Kingdom) with Paragon Software (Germany / Russia)

The world’s bestselling advanced-level dictionary for learners of English, in an app!

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the complete guide to learning English vocabulary with definitions that learners can understand, example sentences showing language in use, and the new Oxford 3000™ and Oxford 5000™ word lists providing core vocabulary that every student needs to learn.

With the app, you can practise and improve your pronunciation, test yourself on vocabulary and usage, and get the Word of the Day straight to your device. And you can access the full A-Z offline to look up any word in the dictionary, anytime, anywhere.

Find out more about the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary App, available for IOS and Android

Para Powerlifting English Competency Course | World Para Powerlifting (Germany) with International Paralympic Committee

The Para Powerlifting English Competency Course is a seven-week online programme designed for the Para powerlifting (the Paralympic sport of bench press for athletes with a disability) community to improve their language skills while refreshing and learning the technical rules and regulations of the sport.

The course is targeted for athletes, coaches and referees from non-native English-speaking countries to expand their professional vocabulary, communicate more fluently, respond more spontaneously in different situations, and improve comprehension of the rules, documents and meetings, as the official language of the sport is English.

The Course is created using modern active and interactive learning methods, and features activities, quizzes, discussions and online meetings.

The Course serves as a step towards the further socialisation and inclusion of retired athletes with a disability from around the world to continue to gain skills and stay involved in sport as coaches and referees.

Access the Para Powerlifting English Competency Course on Moodle Platform

  • Choose 'World Para Powerlifting: English'
  • The choose 'Log in as a guest' and 'guest access'
  • Use password: ELTons2021 

    Sensations English (United Kingdom) 

    Making English enjoyable, accessible and rewarding for all.

    Sensations English brings a vibrant and contemporary approach to learning. It offers global news-based video and article lessons all provided at five CEFR levels, with subtitles, transcripts, and interactive activities to extend the learning experience.

    Updated with fresh lessons 3 times every week, it’s a highly authentic, engaging way to learn English.

    Students learn about real world events while improving their language skills at the level that suits them. Personalised learning journeys help motivate and encourage self-study.

    The innovative Teacher Gradebook enables professionals to set tasks, monitor activities, and give feedback in one-on-one or group learning contexts.

    Use online or via the app, stand alone or to support a course, to accelerate learning.

    Learning English with up-to-the-minute world events is so engaging.

    “YOU make my everyday day work easier. You make my students feel motivated. You are an extraordinary tool” (Teacher, Argentina)

    Find out more about Sensations English

    Innovation in Teacher Resources

    Communicating Identities | Routledge (United Kingdom / New Zealand)

    Communicating Identities is a book for language teachers who wish to focus on the topic of identity in the context of their classroom teaching. The work provides an accessible introduction to research and theory on language learner and language teacher identity. It offers a set of interactive, practical activities for use in language classrooms in which students explore and communicate about aspects of their identities. The communicative activities concern the various facets of the students’ own identities and are practical resources that teachers can draw on to structure and guide their students’ exploration of their identities. All the activities include a follow-on teacher reflection in which teachers examine aspects of their own identity in relation to the types of learner identities focused on in the activities. The book also introduces teachers to practical steps in doing exploratory action research so that they can investigate identity systematically in their own classrooms.

    Find out more about Communicating Identities

    Engaging Language Learners in Contemporary Classrooms | Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom)

    Engaging Language Learners in Contemporary Classrooms is an accessible, practical book, which helps teachers to create the conditions for active engagement and involve their students in shaping the way they learn.

    The authors draw on extensive theoretical knowledge to examine engagement from a wide range of perspectives, going beyond the study of motivation to explore how teachers can ensure learners remain engaged in the face of the distractions of 21st century life.

    The book begins by considering the contextual factors that affect engagement, before focusing on the aspects of learner engagement that a teacher can influence more directly.

    Each chapter begins by distilling the thinking on a topic into key principles, which are followed by a series of actions that teachers can take to implement the principles in their own classroom.

    Find out more about Engaging Language Learners in Contemporary Classrooms

    Teacher Wellbeing | Oxford University Press (United Kingdom)

    Written primarily for language teachers and inspired by positive psychology, Teacher Wellbeing seeks to support and maintain teacher wellbeing through a variety of approaches. It serves as a practical guide for individual teachers, helping them discover strategies for nurturing and promoting their wellbeing. It also acknowledges the importance of contextual factors. Readers are encouraged to reflect upon their own practice and find techniques that suit them personally.

    This book supports teachers to:

    • Maintain their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.
    • Promote and sustain their own motivation.
    • Nurture key personal and professional relationships.
    • Foster sustainable personal and professional development.

    This title is part of the Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers series that covers the topics language teachers want to know more about.

    Find out more about Teacher Wellbeing

    Teaching English to Pre-Primary Children | DELTA Publishing (Germany)

    Teaching English to Pre-Primary Children is essential for adults involved in the pre-primary education of children who are not attending formal schooling and who may not yet know how to read and write. It ensures that the first early language learning experience is a positive one which paves the way for a life-long journey into language learning.

    Teaching English to Pre-Primary Children (TEPPC) blends theory, practice and professional development into one book, the key feature of the DELTA Teacher Development series.

    Find out more about Teaching English to Pre-Primary Children 

    Teaching in Challenging Circumstances | Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom)

    Teaching in Challenging Circumstances is an essential resource for teachers who work in challenging circumstances, which might include formal education systems in the developing or developed world and informal or non-formal teaching in areas with growing numbers of refugees or displaced people.

    It draws on academic and professional research to provide practical advice that will help teachers address concerns such as teaching large classes, working with limited resources and supporting learners who have experienced interrupted education and who may be suffering from trauma. It also offers suggestions for creating a positive learning environment and implementing effective teaching practice, and discusses the importance of resilience and wellbeing.

    • Clearly outlines key issues around teaching in challenging circumstances, covering topics raised by practitioners in the field;
    • Each chapter contains key takeaways, relevant case studies and classroom-ready teaching tips;
    • Includes opportunities for teachers to reflect on their own knowledge and experience and develop their resilience and ability.

    Find out more about Teaching in Challenging Circumstances

    The Teachers' Classroom App | PeacheyPublications Ltd. (United Kingdom)

    The impact of the pandemic has transformed the needs of schools and teachers. More is demanded of teachers both in the physical, remote and hybrid classrooms and they need new and more flexible resources and materials to help them cope with these challenges. 

    The Teachers’ Classroom App has been designed to provide teachers and schools with ready-made lessons and courses they can launch and deliver online from their desktop, as well as a library of teacher development videos, books and links to apps that help teachers prosper in the digital age.

    The app can easily be installed on any computer or mobile device and by eradicating the need for student course books it enables schools and independent teachers to instantly launch professionally designed interactive online materials at very low cost for students.

    Based on a user-subscription model the app is automatically updated every week with additional materials.

    Find out more about The Teachers' Classroom App

    Excellence in Course Innovation

    English Code | Pearson English (United Kingdom)

    Learn, think, question and create with English Code!

    English Code is a mid-high level primary course from Beginner to B1 that connects the present-day life of a child to learning, by uncovering the power of language to convince, startle and interact.

    Students learn English through hands-on creative tasks, investigation, projects and experiments. They develop a coding mindset: a willingness to experiment, resilience, collaboration and the ability to solve problems.

    These all feature in a syllabus that includes built-in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), driving learners’ natural curiosity about the world around them. A clear focus on functional language gives learners the tools to become effective and confident speakers of English inside and outside the classroom.

    Find out more about English Code

    Fun Skills | Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English (United Kingdom)

    Meet Sage the Squirrel, Checklist Buddy and friends, created by kids around the world, who guide and entertain you through this exciting journey.

    Fun preparation for Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers covers all the skills you need to be ready on exam day: practise exam tasks with the Professor, get great tips from Sage the Squirrel, assess your own work with Checklist Buddy and connect learning to your world with Think Big Giraffe.

    Topic-led lessons bring everything to life with songs, Grammar fun, animations and quirky photos!

    The Mini Trainers for Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers provide two full-colour practice tests with Training and Exam Practice.

    The Home Booklet provides extra skills practice to do at home as well as 'Fun boost' activities on every page to share with the family and entertaining short stories featuring each of the characters in the Student’s Book.

    Find out more about Fun Skills

    Helping Matters | Perceptia Press (United Kingdom / Japan)

    Helping Matters contains 15 units on topics relevant to social workers today, including domestic violence, palliative care, mental health, worker exploitation, and refugees.

    12 units introduce realistic situations where social workers may be called on to help foreigners in a professional setting, while 3 additional units allow students to review what they have learnt.

    Each unit provides examples of simple yet useful English that allows effective communication with foreign clients through vocabulary building, conversation practice, and role plays.

    Language is constantly recycled to help students learn phrases which can be used in any social

    work situation. Optional homework activities further reinforce learning.

    By including issues that may be unfamiliar, Helping Matters encourages students to think more deeply about each situation and how they might help foreigners living in, or visiting, their own countries.

    Find out more about Helping Matters

    Our Languages | StandFor / FTD Educação (Brazil)

    Arts, social media, English as additional language, our own first language... these are only some of OUR LANGUAGES – the ones we use to communicate and act upon the world. Our Languages is a 4-level series for teenagers organized into different “languages” (arts, social media, news, intervention) that act as starting points for critical discussions that frame learning English in a contemporary, critical citizenship way. 

    Its unique design – created by renowned urban artist Alexandre Orion - invites students to “own” their textbooks as they learn, in a process of redesigning their experience with learning English.  It also accompanies exclusive digital features, such as an interactive cover, multimedia content and an interactive workbook. Come and discover your special voice with Our Languages! 

    Find out more about Our Languages

    Oxford Discover Futures | Oxford University Press - English Language Teaching (United Kingdom, Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Spain and the Middle East)

    What is the value of time?

    How do groups work together?

    Why do we tell stories?

    Oxford Discover Futures sparks students' imaginations with thought-provoking questions - inspiring them to think critically about the world around them.

    The inquiry-based methodology of this course equips learners with 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for success at school and beyond.

    Oxford Discover Futures creates a positive and motivating learning environment by:

    • Providing content that is relevant, informative, and educational.
    • Allowing students to consider key questions and to reflect on and reconsider their responses as they develop their understanding
    • Challenging students to think critically about topics, issues, and questions.
    • Fostering competence in reading and writing.
    • Life skills lessons which develop transferable skills for lifelong learning.
    • Developing strategies that help students perform well in academic study and examinations.

    Find out more about Oxford Discover Futures


    Local Innovation

    Booklet of basics grammar in ASL and pictures for deaf and hard hearing | General Directorate for special education and continuous education, Ministry of education in Sultanate of Oman with Al ROYAA NEWSPAPER (Sultanate of Oman)

    English for all. Equity and inclusion in teaching English. This booklet is a group initiative aims to help the

    deaf and hard hearing learners of English in Oman to learn at the time of school closure and in the conditions of online learning as it is said “Necessity is the mother of invention” . the booklet is designed in a way that goes with the Omani deaf and hard hearing learners' characteristics and abilities to improve their level in English.

    The product is a self-study booklet of basic English grammar which uses sign language and

    pictures. This is the first part includes 12 topics of English grammar basics presented with pictures and Arabic sign language to be suitable for the Arab deaf and hard hearing learners in Oman.

    Lessons are accompanied by a recorded video of the lesson using the total communication approach in educating the deaf and hard hearing, after finishing the lesson, learners will find a link of an interactive electronic exercise to check their understanding. The booklet is used by learners and teachers, the feedback is positive, so we are going to make the second part.

    Find out more about Booklet of basics grammar in ASL and pictures for deaf and hard hearing

    Converse Across the Universe: Managing Cross-Cultural Communication | Yelena Golovatch, Margarita Kochan, Yauheni Radzetski (Belarus)

    ‘Converse Across the Universe: Managing Cross-Cultural Communication’ is a bespoke coursebook tailored for Belarusian learners of English at B1+ and B2 levels and is the first attempt to provide a cross-cultural approach to teaching adults English within a Belarusian context.

    The coursebook covers a wide range of topics designed to stimulate debate and discussion, discover and compare cultures, develop critical thinking and hone communication skills in practical, everyday situations. Learners are provided with rich multimedia content that allows them to gain insights into other cultures, raise their awareness of cultural differences and, as a result, acquire a deeper understanding of their own culture.

    A flexible modular structure of the coursebook gives teachers the freedom to pick and choose the materials relevant to their classroom, adapt the content to suit their students’ needs as well as offers multiple opportunities to encourage learner autonomy.

    Find out more about Converse Across the Universe: Managing Cross-Cultural Communication

    Facebook Live Team Teaching for the Palestinian English Curriculum The Hands Up Project (United Kingdom) with UNRWA (Gaza)

    This project was developed in response to Palestinian school closures during the first semester in 2020/21 to ensure continued quality English language learning under lockdown. We decided to offer daily team-taught classes delivered live and remotely via Zoom over Facebook Live.  These Palestinian English Curriculum sessions (each accessed by many hundreds of grade 1-9 learners and their families) were led jointly by a Palestinian English teacher and an English teacher in another country. They provided form-focused language clarification and scaffolding, exposure to natural spoken English, engaging and interactive practice activities, opportunities for intercultural learning, and rich affordances for teacher development.

    Find out more about Facebook Live Team Teaching for the Palestinian English Curriculum

    Mosaik Dogme Toolkit | Mosaik Education with Scott Thornbury (United Kingdom)

    Mosaik’s Dogme Toolkit supports English teachers of refugees to transform transmissive classes into communicative and engaging learning experiences. 

    Developed by the Mosaik team, local English teachers and Scott Thornbury, the Toolkit combines online demonstration sessions, interactive materials, and a community of practice to enable teachers in Jordan and Lebanon to integrate Dogme techniques into their online or classroom-based programmes.

    What our trainees say:

    ““I then applied these activities with my students and I really see the outcomes. The students like these activities, they became more interactive in the class” - Hadeel, Jordan

    “I used to hate it to be honest, using Zoom, and I hated online teaching. ... now I can give my classes in a fun, communicative way” - Abeer, Jordan

    “This course is exceptional. It actually combines all the skills you need in simple and applicable steps apart from the philosophy of educational theories which may be sometimes inapplicable”. Aseel, Lebanon

    Find out more about Mosaik Dogme Toolkit

    Talk about China with Oxford | Oxford University Press (China) Ltd with Jingban Beijing Education Culture Media Co., Ltd (China)

    Talk About China with Oxford (TAC) is a nine-level listening and speaking coursebook presenting a blend of Chinese culture and world perspectives. The core materials employ an innovative listen-along comic book format, as well as a highly unique and humorous illustration style. This format maximises engagement and stimulates students’ imaginations while also helping to build vital listening and speaking skills.

    The true innovation of the series is how it manages to interweave deep cultural content, daily life topics, and fantastical characters while also presenting clear ELT learning targets that conform to the local curriculum.

    Kankan, a dragon, and Shanshan, a phoenix, represent the yin and yang of the TAC universe. There is also a large cast of other mythical creatures in the series who interact with humans during their journeys around China.

    As well as excitement and joy, there is also fear, confusion, misunderstanding and doubt on their many journeys. These different journeys represent not only the journey of personal growth, but also the journey towards achieving harmony with society, with nature, and with oneself.

    Find out more about Talk about China with Oxford

    Volunteers, English Language Learners and Conversation Clubs | Learning and Work Institute with Learning Unlimited (United Kingdom)

    The Volunteers, English Language Learners and Conversation Clubs (VELLCC) guidance and resources support anyone, anywhere to organise an effective English language conversation club, face-to-face or online.  Commissioned by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the resources aim to boost the availability and quality of social opportunities to practise English, by supporting civil society organisations and volunteers wishing to offer informal English language learning to new migrants and settled communities.

    “These are brilliant resources.” (Regional Strategic Migration Partnership)

    “I’ve just watched the conversation club webinar … It was very interesting and gave me some good ideas. We are hoping to start a conversation club around health and well-being with […] our local Roma community.” (Conversation club organiser)

    “I am so glad the resources have been converted for online use, it's exactly what we all need!” (Conversation club organiser)

    Find out more about Volunteers, English Language Learners and Conversation Clubs


    Digital Innovation

    BOOKR Class | BOOKR Kids (Hungary)

    BOOKR Class is a 3-in-1 platform with the mission of incentivising implicit learning through storytelling: an easy-to-use gamified library app for language learners between 4-14 (pre-beginner to intermediate level), a Classroom version to share the stories with the whole class remotely or in the school and a Teacher’s Dashboard for educators, all designed to teach and learn English as a Foreign Language.

    The library app includes more than 1000 engaging digital content to match with your coursebooks, curriculum, in-classroom or online activities: interactive books from the classics of world literature, original stories, songs, civilizational materials and CLIL, educational games and flashcards.

    The Teacher's Dashboard assists teachers in preparation, time optimization and differentiation with real-time reading statistics and book assignment.

    Besides original content, we also partner with content providers: Oxford University Press, Moomin, Edutainment Licensing, Harriet Ziefert, White Star Publishing.

    BOOKR Class is recognized as an official textbook in Hungary and has educational partners in Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Spain, South America (Berlitz) and Singapore.

    Find out more about BOOKR Class

    CIELL-Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning | Lancaster University (United Kingdom) with AKTO Art & Design College (Greece), Innovation in Learning Institute, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), Language Centre, University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

    Designed to support students with (and without) dyslexia, the CIELL App offers an inclusive, gamified approach to learning how to plan an essay at B2+/C1 level. 

    Students love the colourful comics saying it’s “an interesting, exciting and easy way to learn how to write essays”, “it’s a fun app” and “it’s like a game”.

    Sample essays based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 “spread awareness” and “raise serious social issues in a very interesting way”.

    Teachers love that the App can also be used in-class, or at home, for talking, reading and listening activities, e.g. listening to essays read-aloud by 6 authentic voices.

    Download the free App (iOS/Android) and Teachers’ Guide from the CIELL website.

    Find out more about CIELL - Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning

    Immerse Virtual Language Experience Platform | Immerse VR (United States of America)

    The Immerse VR English teaching and learning platform has all the tools and flexibility of the online learning environment, combined with the delight of traveling into a new world.

    No longer do learners have to imagine being in a real-life scenario when practicing English. In VR, teachers and learners are fully present in a 3D world together allowing for deeper emotional connection and enhanced social interaction.

    Research on VR shows immersion in VR improves learner self-efficacy and motivation. VR immersion allows language learners to enter what research describes as a "flow state”: longer engagement, high focus, and minimal anxiety for maximum language progress.

    Transform your English language learning experiences with Immerse VR.

    "Immerse has enhanced my ability to teach effectively. It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of teaching and helping students experience language and culture." —Emma Weissburg, teacher

    Find out more about the Immerse VR platform

    LearnCube Homework Application | LearnCube (United Kingdom)

    LearnCube specialises in a virtual classroom and online school software for language education providers and language schools. Recently, we released LearnCube Homework.

    Currently, language teachers find it extremely clunky, difficult and time-intensive to manage and monitor homework for online classes.

    LearnCube Homework is a simple and fast digital solution for language teachers to give and provide personalised feedback on homework.

    Students like how seamless the experience is to view, complete, and load completed homework into the next online class.

    Teachers love that the tool is simple to use, fast to create homework, is highly interactive, easy to personalise, saves so much time, it can be used on any device connected to the internet and can be seamlessly integrated into the live online language class.

    Language schools can use this tool as part of the LearnCube Online School, an all-in-one solution for managing staff, students and online classes.

    Find out more about LearnCube Homework Application

    Link Online Learners (LOL) | hundrED (Finland) with volunteers and educators from United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam, Nigeria, Australia, Denmark, Cambodia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, India, and N. Macedonia

    Link Online Learners (LOL) is a diverse and inclusive global youth network where young people have a seat at the global table and engage in youth-led intercultural exchanges that help them develop curiosity, foster trust, understanding and deep empathy for cultures not experienced before, as well as courage to speak up, perform and take action towards greater connectivity across borders, cultures, religions, perspectives, and ways of life, and, in the process, improve their communicative skills in English through meaningful interactions with their peers.

    It offers a safe way for teachers and students of EFL to connect and engage in active conversations that enhance the English language acquisition in a natural and spontaneous way, free of charge. LOL is moderated by a committed community of adult volunteers and educators, mostly linked through HundrED, a Finland-based non-for-profit organization that seeks and shares ambitious education innovations to help children flourish in life.

    Find out more about Link Online Learners

    Literatu Scribo for IELTS Writing Success | Literatu Pty Limited Australia (Australia)

    Scribo helps ESL students improve core English writing skills as they prepare for IELTS examinations. All levels of students have instant access to personalised feedback and guidance on how to improve their writing. WIth ten levels of writing feedback, students love the way Scribo AI gives them an accurate CEFR score, all practice essays are scaffolded and all feedback is available in the student’s native language to help them better understand the feedback.

    Colleges and tutors can monitor student practice sessions adding additional feedback as needed. Scribo AI leverages writing data to tailor feedback and guidance and for colleges to target teaching.

    Scribo gives educators and students more time, feedback, and data to improve English writing skills. Educators gain teaching time by doing less writing correction; students enjoy more time learning with instant feedback and score estimates.

    Find out more about Literatu Scribo for IELTS Writing Success

    Vlogger Academy | Digital Learning Associates Limited with The Weirdos and Creatives Collective (United Kingdom)

    Great digital learning needs great digital media. Vlogger Academy deploys real life YouTubers - some of the world’s most exciting creators - to secure great digital media for English learners.

    Vlogger Academy mentored young and diverse digital creators in Africa, Hong Kong, Jamaica, UK, USA and across the globe to be the new faces and voices of ELT. The result is the world’s first fully aligned and comprehensive ELT resource bank made by authentic YouTubers. Learners are engaged by the vlogger format. They develop with the inclusive mix of content. They master natural English, global English.

    Anyone in the ELT world needing diverse, global and authentic content to connect with today’s learners, can license up to 60 graded and learning-ready vlogs. Each unit comes with a flexible set of digital-ready learning resources. Vlogger Academy content already reaches a million learners around the world. It’s a pioneering content solution for ELT’s digital future.

    Find out more about Vlogger Academy



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