ELTons Innovation Awards 2020 - winners

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ELTons 2020 winners

And the winners of the 2020 ELTons awards are...

Excellence in course innovation

New Magic Minds! | Learning Factory (Brazil) 

New Magic Minds! is an innovative course that aims to transform the way English is taught in the classroom. The classes focus on the development of the learner’s cognitive, spatial and socioemotional skills, with emphasis on critical thinking and logic, alongside creative and artistic expression, stimulating and preparing children to be successful in our ever-changing society. “New Magic Minds! is a highly engaging series. Not only does it add fun to the classroom, but it also provides students with meaningful challenges that help them develop skills such as creativity, logical reasoning and critical thinking. Its relevant themes encourage students to use English naturally and make deeper connections with the world.” 


Digital innovation

Busuu English Smart Review | Busuu (UK/Spain)

Busuu is delighted to unveil its brand new Smart Review – the most powerful review tool for language learning yet.  

Here’s how it works:  

Revise everything you've learned. Find all the vocabulary and grammar you’ve learned so far and put it to the test with adaptive quizzes.

Review rules as you go. Revise all of the rules you’ve been taught by simply tapping on each grammar topic.  

Focus on your weak points. Use the strength icons to focus on the areas you struggle with.

Try it now!

Innovation in learner resources

Pearson and BBC Live Classes | Pearson English (UK)

Pearson and BBC Live Classes is an online project for secondary teachers and students. It creates a unique live and interactive learning environment in English for learners in classes all over the world. 

The project combines an online classroom and authentic resources with a culturally enriching learning experience. This transforms English from a school subject to an essential tool used to communicate with students from other countries and cultures. The Live Classes community is hosted in a safe and moderated environment in a closed Facebook group. 

Students have the chance to discuss ideas, share perspectives and compare their experiences with their peers from around the globe. This is motivating for teenage learners, who stay enthusiastic and engaged long after the lesson has finished.

Each Live Class brings together approximately 10 groups of students who can attend different lessons which take place from September until May. The project is free of charge, available upon prior registration and the classes are delivered by our expert teacher trainers. 

Find out more at english.com/liveclasses

Innovation in teacher resources

The ELT Footprint Community | ELT Footprint Community (Spain) 

ELT Footprint is a growing global community which offers a space for people from across the English language teaching world to discuss initiatives, look for support and contribute ideas about how to reduce our environmental footprint across the ELT profession. ELT footprint is mainstreaming climate change awareness. As such it is gentle, smart, flexible but focused on something which matters to millions of young people. (Ellen Head, Japan) [It] is a 'place' where I can share my doubts, ideas, and dreams with other fellow teachers, who, just like me, are trying to make a difference in their classrooms. (Zenda Costa, Portugal) [It] reminds us we have a responsibility to highlight, where and when we can, the wonder of our world and the importance of taking care of it. (Montse Watkins, Spain/Egypt) This is an amazing group. I'm inspired. (Jackson Howard, Australia) 


Local innovation in partnership with Cambridge Assessment English

The Garden Project – Brazilian Edition | Angelica Manca, Hoopla Education Pte. Ltd. With Macmillan Do Brasil Editora, Comercializadora, and Importadora E Distribudora (Singapore / Brazil) 

The Garden Project is the first pre-primary program to combine Project Based Learning (PBL) to the multidisciplinary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) framework, in an innovative and holistic English Language Learning program. This nature-inspired curriculum is based on the principles of sustainability and applies real-world ways for students to develop problem-solving and communication skills within a Brazilian context. Students are provided with rich opportunities to use English and extend their vocabulary while they explore nature within and outside of their classrooms, creating a sense of purpose and curiosity as they nurture and tend to their edible plants in their Garden in the Box. 


The British Council ELTons Outstanding Achievement Award

Opal Dunn

Opal Dunn is responsible for the enthusiasm of many teachers around the world for using picture books as a flexible resource and to provide children around the world – girls and boys – with exposure to rich, authentic language. Opal wrote many children’s picture books, which were translated into multiple languages and donated hundreds of picture books worldwide. In Japan, in 1977, she pioneered the creation of mother and child groups (the International Children’s Bunko) to support bilingual, bicultural families. Opal was honoured by the Japanese Presidency in 2010 for services to Japanese families. The judges commented she was ahead of her time, in a world where now, more and more children grow up with multiple languages. The judges were quoted as saying ‘nobody has done more, for longer for teaching English to young learners than Opal, and your impact continues’.

ELTons Judges’ Commendations for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Dyslexia Bytes, from Martin Bloomfield

An online library building an intercultural understanding of dyslexia – necessary for every teacher, to understand as many as 15% of their students who may have it.


I am not naughty – I really, really mean it! | Basirat Razaq-Shuaib with The Winford Centre for Children and Women, Nigeria

A children’s picture book depicting the struggles young children with hidden disabilities can have – teaching empathy, disability awareness and inclusion.


Journey 2 Basic Skills | Klik2learn with City College Glasgow

A universally accessible online English course for complete beginners, designed to meet the needs of the more than 700 million adults affected by illiteracy.


Kids’ Web, by Richmond

This course includes a disabled character (and accompanying puppet) to help teachers increase young learners’ awareness of disability, and foster inclusion and respect.


REAL LIVES Series, from ELI Publishing and partners

Original reading books which take the stories of real children from around the world, to help young learners understand the lives of children from other countries and cultures.


The NO Project | The NO Project with The Rights Lab, Nottingham University

A global education campaign against human trafficking and modern slavery, providing free English teaching resources based on true stories – handled with dignity, sensitivity and respect.


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