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Excellence in course innovation 2019 finalists

COMPASS - Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V.

How does science work? What is the purpose of art?

Take your students on a fascinating voyage across the oceans, earth and sky, and through the realms of human knowledge, and explore life’s essential questions with COMPASS. In each of its five interrelated Logs per level, students navigate these Big Questions from different perspectives, developing their language skills naturally, meaningfully, authentically and creatively.

The programme’s flexible print components, plus the innovative digital platform with a writing blog, will give students and teachers an exceptional language learning experience, which will foster 21st century life skills in students and promote the development of cultural awareness and cognitive challenges. COMPASS encourages learners to travel beyond what they already know and inspires them to be global citizens ready to face the challenges of the future. Set your students on course for bilingual education!

Find out more about COMPASS.

FUTURE SUCCESS - Capital School of English

FUTURE SUCCESS is a course designed to get students working together. A course about collaboration and sharing that enables and develops employability and global talent. During the course students work collaboratively on a series of projects that focus on the mindset and attitude needed for the future job market, while developing the key communicating tool of that market, the English language. The projects grow in length and complexity and they give students the opportunity to contribute their existing knowledge while learning from others.

In learning spaces, physical and virtual, designed to make it easier to work together and alongside multi-disciplinary tutors and connected with local businesses, students work without barriers to create, innovate and collaborate inside and outside the school.

I would recommend the course because I have had so many experiences in just two weeks that I can’t even get in a couple of years!’ Norah, Saudi Arabia

Find out more about FUTURE SUCCESS.

LB170 Communication skills for business and management (LB170) - School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, The Open University UK

LB170 Communication skills for business and management is an innovative Open University Level 1 online, globally available course aimed at developing language and skills for communicating effectively in the world of business and management. Drawing on a variety of business case studies, students at a distance are enabled to write successful business assignments and a range of workplace documents; develop strategies to read complex texts on business topics; be able to give effective presentations and take part in business negotiations and academic discussions. The course materials use a blend of texts, audios, videos and interactive online activities to help students develop both written and spoken business communication skills. 

A unique feature of this course is catering for student communication needs both in the workplace and business management study. It provides them with real opportunities to apply what they have learned to their workplace or study immediately. 

Find out more about LB170.

On Task - Abax Ltd.

On Task is a three-level task-based coursebook. To our knowledge, it is the first coursebook to be based on the Willis Task-Based Language Teaching framework. Each unit features an input and output task section, both of which follow the same simple pattern; Pre-task, main task, post-task. Linguistic support is provided, but unlike conventional texts, it is offered as an appendix at the back of the book for teachers to use as (or if) needed. There is also a listening section featuring speakers from around the world with examples of language useful for each task.

This lively up-to-date course will get learners speaking English with confidence, develop their interactional skills and extend their vocabulary. On Task follows clear task-based cycles that give learners multiple opportunities to activate and extend their English and use it in a wide variety of ways. The emphasis throughout is on meaning-focused communication, bringing English to life.’ Jane Willis, author of A Framework for Task-based learning

Find out more about On Task.

Widgets Inc.: A task-based course in workplace English - Atama-ii Books

Widgets Inc. is a course employing a “strong” task-based approach to language learning.

Students simulate being interns at an exciting new startup company where they work together to perform a series of increasingly challenging tasks. In this way, all classwork is highly contextualized and realistically connected; all discussions, presentations, video viewings, written reports and interviews have a clear purpose and build cohesively upon each other.

The primary goals of Widgets Inc. are to develop communicative competence in practical situations and to practice workplace-related language skills. Therefore, self, peer, and teacher evaluations are realistically integrated into the course and focus on the appropriate completion of tasks. Students perform tasks individually and together as members of a team, taking turns as project managers for their team. At the end of the course, students create resumes listing their simulated but realistic experience, and participate in authentic-seeming job interviews.

Find out more about Widgets Inc.


Innovation in learner resources 2019 finalists

English in a Minute - BBC Learning English

English In A Minute is a series of informative, entertaining, one-minute videos to help clarify commonly confused areas of the English language. Each episode focuses on the key points of grammar or vocabulary that learners have difficulty with. Topics include:

  • The difference between ‘rise’ and ‘raise’
  • 5 ways to use ‘actually’
  • ‘Fun’ versus ‘funny’

The videos, presented by experienced ELT teachers, combine engaging and energetic presentation styles with on-screen texts, visuals and props.

Popular on social media platforms, audiences appreciate having a clear and concise practical learning outcome in just sixty seconds. The on-screen texts supplement learning by aiding visual learners and enabling viewers to watch without sound, making them ideal entertainment while commuting to school or work. Learners can also participate in online discussions using the language in meaningful contexts, which reinforces learning and provides much-needed practice for those studying alone in their countries. 
Find out more about English in a Minute.

Falar (inglês) é Fácil - Contraponto editors with Cristina Ferreira, English Exam Centre, and Cambridge Assessment English

Top TV personality and head of a media and fashion business empire, Cristina Ferreira is recognised as the most influential woman in Portugal. In her bestselling autobiography, however, she identifies her low level of English as her Achilles heel. This strikes a chord with her millions of adult fans who share the same problem.

With help from language experts, Cristina turns her handicap into another opportunity and shows that it’s never too late to learn a language. Not only does she decide to improve her confidence speaking English, she also commits to taking a Cambridge English exam to prove that her celebrity status does not make her less dedicated or willing to learn.

This book’s aim is to inspire and motivate adult learners to follow her example and engage them in English learning through an innovative combination of personal reflections on her learning journey and practical language exercises.

Find out more about Falar (inglês) é Fácil.

Pearson English Readers, Marvel series - Pearson English

Bringing thrilling super hero action to the English classroom!

From the Marvel’s Iron Man and Captain America, to the Guardians of the Galaxy, these Readers feature the world’s best-loved and most iconic super heroes. Carefully simplified language makes these epic stories accessible to learners, motivating them through page-turning thrills as they develop their English. Based on some of the most popular movies of recent years, Marvel Readers appeal to both adult and teenage learners looking for an action-packed educational experience. 

  • Stunning graphics and dynamic film stills enhance the action on the page
  • Available with or without full audio CD, and as an ebook (with integrated audio) to suit different classroom applications and learner preferences
  • Comprehensive teacher’s notes and photocopiable resources available for each title.

Find out more about Pearson English Readers, Marvel series.

Ready to Run: Authentic ELT video for language schools and teachers – Digital Learning Associates ltd.

ELT providers are constantly searching for authentic videos and inspiring video-led learning materials, but it can be hard to find graded resources with natural speech and appropriate commentary that you can use anywhere, any time. Not any more. 

Ready to Run is a brand-new series of engaging and authentic graded videos for English Language Teaching. We’ve taken the best of broadcast, vloggers, and other media content to develop effective and entertaining learning resources available on demand through a single platform.

  • Tailor-made:  each video has been made using authentic video content in line with the CEFR framework with level-specific lexical foci.
  • Diverse: Diverse: Ready to Run tells real-world stories aligned to ELT topics exposing learners to natural language in a range of contemporary video styles.
  • User friendly: all the videos come with supporting materials including full teacher guides, student handouts, transcripts and English language closed captions.

Ready to Run offers learners the latest ELT materials while also supporting CLIL and 21st Century Skills. It is available to schools for streaming delivery and for publishers to distribute inside courses.

Find out more about Ready to Run.

Stories Without End: 24 Open-Ended Stories to Engage Students in Reading, Discussion and Creative Writing - Alphabet Publishing

Stories Without End: 24 Open-Ended Stories to Engage Students in Reading, Discussion, and Creative Writing gets students reading with intriguing short stories that make them think and wonder. What if we could teleport anywhere in the world? Will robots ever replace human teachers? Where does our personality come from?

Stories Without End also gets students writing. Because the stories have no endings, students create their own. Each story is also supported with comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, and discussion prompts, as well as a variety of creative projects. Students will find themselves writing about one particular character, illustrating a scene, interviewing people about the theme of the story, or keeping a dream journal.

It's perfect for teaching reading skills, creative writing, and leading discussions. And it’s flexible enough to be used as the main book for an elective, or as a supplemental activity in class. Sure to be a class favorite!

Find out more about Stories Without End

Innovation in teacher resources 2019 finalists

A Syllabus for Listening – Decoding - Richard Cauldwell

A Syllabus for Listening: Decoding will help teachers and coursebook authors to add a decoding dimension to all listening activities, meaning that students will be better prepared for real-world spontaneous speech encounters.

My teaching of listening has changed utterly. Happy teacher. Happy students. It’s fabulous.’ Jane Hadcock, Teacher, Essex Integration.

Lots of interesting and challenging ideas that will stir up your views on listening.’ Martin Hewings, author of English Pronunciation in Use: Advanced.

It is a cliché in a review to round up with a ‘This book is essential reading for ….’. However, this is absolutely true when it comes to A Syllabus for Listening. Anyone involved in ELT needs to read this book and change their practice … with its firm anchoring in theory, wealth of real-world examples and classroom activities, there can be no excuse to ignore its contents.’ Wayne Rimmer, reviewer, Modern English Teacher.

Find out more about A Syllabus for Listening: Decoding.

Teaching and Developing Reading Skills - Cambridge University Press

Teaching and Developing Reading Skills is for anyone who wants to provide their learners with rich and rewarding reading experiences, both in print and digital formats. Supported by insights from recent research, the book promotes the teaching of reading in a theoretically sound way, moving beyond a comprehension-testing approach to reading. 

The practical part of the book provides a collection of accessible, generic activities so that you can support and develop learners' reading skills and strategies. Its scope is wide-ranging, from promoting reading and developing fluency, to exploiting literary texts, exploiting digital sources, using learner-generated texts and assessing reading. 

Further activities support you in developing excellence in the teaching of reading through guided reflection and action research.

Find out more about Teaching and Developing Reading Skills.

Teacher Development Over Time - Publisher: Routledge

Research and Resources in Language Teaching is a ground-breaking series whose aim is to integrate the latest research in language teaching with innovative classroom practice. Books are written by a partnership of writers, who combine research and materials writing skills and experience. The series represents a new departure in language education publishing, illustrating how research and practice can combine to provide practical resources for teachers and at the same time encouraging  both researchers and teachers to draw on a body of activities that can provide a basis for further research. Teacher Development Over Time draws on key research to provide a body of engaging and imaginative TD activities designed for different phases of a teaching career, together with suggestions for research possibilities based on these activities to complete the research-practice-research cycle. 

Find out more about Teacher Development Over Time.

Teaching English Online - Cambridge Assessment English

Find out about the skills, knowledge, digital tools and resources you need to design and deliver effective online English lessons. Gain insights from online teachers, trainers and learners and share ideas with other course participants. This course will help you better understand how to adapt your face-to-face teaching skills to an online environment. 

By the end of the course, you'll be able to... 

  • Demonstrate the key skills and knowledge needed as an online English teacher 
  • Plan and deliver lessons to develop receptive and productive skills 
  • Understand how to develop language skills 
  • Reflect and improve on professional practice 

Thank you very much for delivering such an interesting and informative course! Some online courses can be a bit hit or miss, but this has been genuinely useful and I look forward to putting the advice and knowledge into practice as an online English teacher.’ – feedback from a teacher on the course.

Find out more about Teaching English Online.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English as a Lingua Franca for ELT Professionals  - TEFL Equity Advocates & Academy

While it is clear English is primarily used as a global lingua franca (ELF) and while a great deal of research has been conducted on this topic, it is not entirely clear what this might mean in practice for ELT. This on-line course aims to bridge this gap between research and practice and provide ELT professionals with practical research-based suggestions and activities for teaching ELF. By the end of the course you will know how to:

  • Help your students communicate more effectively
  • Write your own materials and adapt your course book to teach ELF
  • Improve your students’ intelligibility and listening skills

The course gave me a lot of practical ideas and a new vision for teaching English.” – Andrea Grassi, English Teacher from Argentina.

Backed up by theory with lots of practical activities, which is what I want as a teacher.” – Helen Ritchie, English teacher from the UK.

Find out more about The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English as a Lingua Franca for ELT Professionals.

Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom - Pavilion ELT

Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom offers practical ideas and advice for teaching teenage students in the English language classroom. The book goes beyond simply describing innovative teaching ideas and techniques by explaining how to implement them and why you should use them. It also looks at the deeper rationale for decisions we might make as well as identifying the underlying principles and factors that can make or break a lesson. 

Throughout the book, different facets of teaching teens are covered in detail to explore key issues and conflicting factors that might lead a class not going the way you want, what you could try to resolve such a situation and encourages you to reflect on the learning process.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who has the job of teaching English to teenagers (and even almost teens), teacher trainers and those in a supporting role to teachers.

Find out more about Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom

Digital innovation 2019 finalists

EF Immersion Challenge - EF Education First Limited

The world is your classroom with EF Immersion challenge. Using the power of their own mobiles to get students using real language on their stay abroad, EF Immersion Challenge combines language learning, cultural immersion & technology.
Teachers customise challenges to create structured competitive activities their students work through outside the class independently, supported by our chatbot. Later, back in class teams discuss and compare answers, presenting their work on the big screen.

Research shows that up to 70% of language learning happens outside the classroom. EF Immersion Challenge helps to structure and direct this learning to CEFR objectives maximising learning time abroad.

Since its launch in March 2018 EF’s teachers have built up a library of over 260 challenges covering cultural exploration, research challenges, interview tasks, discussion topics and more.

Find out more about EF Immersion Challenge.

FlashAcademy® EAL - FlashAcademy® (Learning Labs Ltd)

FlashAcademy® EAL is a new platform for schools, supporting teachers to deliver learning for pupils who don’t have English as their first language. The platform can be used on smartphone, tablet and PC; and teaches English from over 30 different home languages.

FlashAcademy® accelerates English language acquisition through curriculum mapped lessons, challenges and games which simultaneously teach and test pupils. All progress is monitored through a comprehensive teacher dashboard.

'I would wholeheartedly recommend FlashAcademy® to other schools with any kind of EAL challenge. It has literally revolutionised my department as far as I’m concerned. FlashAcademy® has immediately enabled the individually tailored learning that we were seeking for our pupils with EAL, helping to meet the learning needs of each child, across all of the home languages at the school.' Hollie O’Sullivan, Head of EAL, Great Barr Academy

Find out more about FlashAcademy® EAL.

Go Correct - Big Languages

Go Correct is a messenger-based chat bot product that provides a simple way for a student to speak or write English every day and find out what mistakes they make. It is aimed at adult learners who have taken lessons and now need an opportunity to practise what they have learnt.

Students receive a daily conversation question through a messaging app. Their reply is corrected by a qualified teacher. They can click on any of their mistakes for a further explanation and see statistics about the types of mistake they make most often.

Other English practice apps use impersonal quizzes or flashcards, without context. Students using Go Correct receive personal attention from a real teacher and can talk about their own life and opinions.

It helps students ‘unlearn’ typical mistakes and increase their fluency and confidence. It is appropriate for students of intermediate (B1) level and above.

Find out more about Go Correct.

Laureate English Level 1 and Level 2 Simulations - Laureate Education with Alelo Inc.

Laureate Education and Alelo have partnered to create Laureate English, a new kind of learning experience for English language learners (ELLs). Artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps learners improve their speaking skills and helps teachers teach more effectively. Think of it as a kind of teacher’s aide.

Learners develop their verbal communication skills through realistic conversations with simulated native English speakers, aligned with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) can-do statements. Laureate English runs on Alelo's Enskill platform. Enskill’s combination of automated assessment, practice, and personalized feedback helps learners achieve mastery quickly and maintain it over time.

'Enskill simulation is a great education tool that helps students practice speaking in real-life situations.'

'Alelo was pretty fun and groundbreaking. We have never seen such a tool and it has great potential to help students learn English. Innovation is the key today!'

'I think this is awesome, I see the future.'

Find out more about Laureate English Level 1 and Level 2 Simulations.

Undercover English - BBC Learning English

Aimed at English language learners from Thailand, Undercover English is a series of short, entertaining videos which explore real-life, practical English interactions taking place in the UK.

In each episode, Sian visits a different location, such as a cafe, the cinema, or a food stall, and films the authentic, functional conversations that take place with members of staff with a discreet camera on a pair of glasses and a small microphone. Back in the studio, Sian and Clare then analyse these interactions, focussing on relevant language features for learners. In particular, they highlight features of natural, spoken English and how they differ from the language taught in a coursebook, and explore aspects of connected speech and elision to aid learners' listening comprehension.

The spy theme music and visuals help engage and entertain viewers and the on-screen texts provide a clear written reference of the language explored in each episode. 

Find out more about Undercover English.

Local innovation 2019 finalists

Cambridge Assessment English partners for the ELTons Local Innovation Award

We are Cambridge Assessment English. Part of the University of Cambridge, we help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.

For us, learning English is more than just exams and grades. It’s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities.

Globally recognised by more than 20,000 leading universities, employers and governments, our research-based qualifications and tests are a mark of excellence that open doors.

Our work is supported around the world by a network of 2,800 exam centres, over 50,000 schools and tens of thousands of examiners, teachers, education experts and publishers. Working together, we inspire learners to go further. With the right support, learning a language is an exhilarating journey. We’re there with learners every step of the way.



Cambridge Natural Science and Cambridge Social Science - Cambridge University Press

Everything starts with a question! A complete Primary Science programme, published specifically for the Madrid Bilingual Project, this course has been developed to give maximum support to non-native English language teachers teaching Science in English and Primary pupils from age 6-12 learning Science in a second language. Together with the new ELT course Life Adventures, they form part of the Cambridge Bilingual Programme, representing the first time an integrated approach has been taken to these three subjects. An enquiry based approach aids the development of thinking skills; student-centred learning ensures an active classroom experience with projects, investigations and experiments which inspire collaboration; characters, songs, stories and vibrant design, illustration and photography bring the content to life.

Due to its success in 2018, a light adaptation, Science Skills, has also been prepared for the international market, positioned as ‘a Science course for English teachers.’

Find out more about Cambridge Natural Science and Cambridge Social Science.

ESOL Stepping Stones - The ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD)

ESOL Stepping Stones is an innovative twelve week ESOL course that delivers essential functional English, including health and parenting information, to mums along with their babies, embedded within their community. Our comprehensive course pack enables existing staff and/or volunteers in children’s centres, schools and other cultural and community settings to deliver basic, relevant ESOL in a ‘stay and play’ format.

By empowering staff in settings to deliver informal ESOL themselves to mums along with their babies, we can overcome some of the main barriers these women face when accessing UK ESOL provision, such as childcare, suitable provision and learner confidence. 

ESOL Stepping Stones is, quite literally, a first step for these learners to begin on their journey to learn English. The course also promotes communication, language use and interaction between mum and baby which is so important for every child’s language development.

Find out more about ESOL Stepping Stones.

Hands Up Project playwriting competition - The Hands Up Project with UNRWA

'When a 12 year old student has her own literature published in a book, this means that the Hands Up Project opens the space for Palestinian kids to become their own Shakespeares.
Sahar Salha, teacher at Beit-Hanoun Elementary Co-ed UNRWA school, Gaza

'When Mrs Mariam told us about the competition I became very motivated. I had the idea of the play and started to write. I wrote many drafts. I learned many new English words from the dictionary and  from asking my teacher. It was an amazing experience to write a play in English. This is my real start in writing.'

'This experience gave me more self-confidence. I got rid of my shyness and fear. I am now able to stand in front of people to speak and express myself. It’s a big change in my character.
Dana Nawas and Rawan El-Bahnasawi, students at Nuseirat Prep-A Girls UNRWA school, Gaza

Find out more about Hands Up Project playwriting competition.

Improving Language, Improving Lives: Resources for ESOL Tutors - The Bell Foundation with Learning and Work Institute, De Montfort University

The Improving Language, Improving Lives ESOL Tutor Resource Pack contains materials specifically for use with learners who are in prison, or who have had recent experience of the criminal justice system. It is based on the established principles of Learning and Work Institute’s well-received ‘Citizens’ Curriculum’ model for adult basic skills, which promotes flexible, locally-led programmes of learning that are co-created with learners and cover a range of language and literacy skills, interlinked with wider life skills and capabilities.

The resources cover three broader ‘Citizens’ Curriculum’ capabilities: civic, financial and health. In these sections, six units each provide enough material for a three-hour ESOL class. The resources can be used to support accredited learning leading to ESOL qualifications, as well as in non-accredited provision. Each unit includes a set of tutor notes which provide a suggested approach, stimulus materials, ideas for differentiation, learner involvement, and extension activities.

Find out more about Improving Language, Improving Lives: Resources for ESOL Tutors.

Teach for Change Nigeria - Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) with iSERVE2050

Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) is the first educational website in Nigeria that provides relevant, detailed, creative and step by step instructional materials for teachers of Language and Literature in Nigeria. We have an annual teacher prize called TFCN Teacher Prize for Literature which supports and encourages the teaching of books in Nigerian classrooms; plus an open WhatsApp group for all teachers of English and Literature where free webinars are hosted, teaching resources given out and teachers feel relaxed to collaborate and share problems encountered during lessons, alleviating them of the burden of lesson planning alone. TFCN bridges the gap in educational inequality by organising literary activities like poetry slam among teens in underserved areas in Nigeria. Our overall goal is to empower teachers and students with the knowledge of reading and writing in a way that it is utilised to initiate creative solutions to national problems.

Find out more about Teach for Change Nigeria.


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