Creating a climate for innovation in language learning

This workshop explores what we might do to promote new ideas in language learning. Teachers and leaders were invited to join an international event on how to innovate in their contexts, looking at six UK and international case studies from across different fields: immersive learning, learner autonomy, technology and gaming.

More than ever the world needs young people who are internationally-minded and able to participate positively in an interconnected and interdependent world. This means promoting a step change in our approach to multilingualism and cultural awareness.

Watch this workshop which explores what we might do to promote new ideas in language learning.

Video 1 - Setting the scene: innovation day

At the event we also launched our new ‘Think differently’ project. The British Council will be inviting teachers to join an international network of incubator schools engaging in a series of micro-projects to explore new approaches to language learning. It will be a great opportunity to ‘Try something new!’

At the workshop we looked at examples of innovative teaching from around the world. Presentations were followed by group discussions and opportunities for networking. At this special event we brought together people from different fields, including informal educators, technologists and change leaders, as well as teachers, to share perspectives and experiences.

For ‘Think Differently” in 2015 we explored three themes.

  • Approaches to immersive learning
  • Harnessing technology and gaming.
  • The motivational impact of pupil choice and autonomy

To succeed, the ‘Think Differently’ project needs enthusiastic, thoughtful and open-minded people to join us. We welcome your participation.

Approaches to immersive learning

Outstanding results from a totally immersive school learning environment
Duncan Bathgate, Headteacher, Bealings Primary School

Content and language integrated learning in French, Spanish and Mandarin
Neil Strowger, Headteacher, Bohunt School

The motivational impact of pupil choice and autonomy

Putting young people in control of their language learning
Bernadette Clinton, Language Futures project manager, and Catherine Jenkinson-Dix, Headteacher, Ely College

Connecting and challenging gifted and talented pupils to push their learning in a safe and supported environment
Adam Boddison, Director, Centre for Professional Education, University of Warwick: IGGY project

Harnessing technology and gaming

From school clubs to statutory: introducing a new subject to schools with success and enthusiasm
Rik Cross, Head of Education and Sophie Deen, International Development, Code Club

Plan Ceibal Uruguay – teaching English through online distance learning
Graham Stanley, British Council

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