Can continuing professional development change lives?

Watch edited highlights of the global British Council publication launch of Innovations in Continuing Professional Development for English Language Teachers. We discuss the question 'Can continuing professional development change lives?' with speaker sessions by Amol Padwad and Tessa Woodward and a panel discussion broadcast from London and Delhi.

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This book launch for the British Council publication 'Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers' and panel discussion which spanned two countries and reached out to others through a live webcast proved how technology could be used to connect teachers and teaching communities smoothly across different time zones and across continents, helping them to share ideas and learn from each other.

From Delhi, Amol Padwad discusses the findings of the 'Continuing professional development policy 'Think Tank': an innovative experiment in India' and at the London venue, Tessa Woodward gives a presentation outlining the developmental stages of a teacher's career and suggests which kinds of continuing professional development might be appropriate at each stage. The panel discusses questions such as whether continuing professional development really can change lives and how important the teacher's role is in this.

Don't miss this exciting thought-provoking debate on the significance and positive impact of continuing professional development (CPD) practice and policy.

Who is this suitable for?

From practising teachers with an interest in reflecting on and engaging with CPD, to those responsible for the development of English language teachers, from leaders and managers to policy-makers.

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Tim Phillips, British Council Head of Teacher Development and Alison Barrett, British Council Director, English for Education Systems, South Asia

The continuing professional development policy think tank: an innovative experiment in India
Amol Padwad, Head of English, J. M. Patel College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Bhandara

Different teacher learning for different stages of our careers
Tessa Woodward, Editor, The Teacher Trainer Journal

International panel discussion: London, Delhi and live online:

Can continuing professional development change lives?

Chair: Rod Bolitho, ELT author, trainer and consultant and Academic Director at the Norwich Institute of Language Education (NILE)

Amol Padwad, Head of English, J. M. Patel College, Bhandara

Krishna Dixit, Head, Department of English, Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya, Seloo

Alison Barrett, Director, English for Education Systems, South Asia, British Council

Tessa Woodward, Editor, The Teacher Trainer Journal

Loraine Kennedy, ELT educational consultant, Secretary IATEFL Leadership and Management SIG

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