Future directions in ELT: where are we headed?

This closing plenary looks at some of the challenges the ELT industry faces in the future.

70 minutes

About the talk

This plenary is a team effort focusing on the future of our profession. It kicks off with four mini-presentations and is followed by an interactive discussion with the audience both inside and outside the plenary hall.

The presentations aim to look at English teaching to future generations from various angles:

  • changing attitudes and learning habits
  • next generation workplace needs
  • materials to support a changing learning context
  • new roles for the teacher

Our four contributors live in different countries, work in a range of teaching contexts and bring an international perspective to the discussion. Without attempting to paint a comprehensive picture, they will be sharing with us their personal wishes and predictions for the coming years. The aim of this somewhat unusual plenary is to challenge all of us to step back, ask questions and see how our day-to-day teaching concerns relate to wider trends in the profession. This closing event will invite participants to review their conference experience and reflect on what they are taking away. There will be opportunities for you to get involved, make your own predictions and put questions to the four presenters both before and during the session.

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