British Council Signature Event: Is English teaching inclusive? Do we practise what we preach?

This British Council signature event discusses the progress in ELT of the promotion of inclusive practices and key issues for finding solutions.

75 minutes

About the talk

Can we say our English language teaching practices globally promote inclusive practices? We probably believe in inclusion though do we have a common understanding of what we mean by inclusion and inclusive practices?

The sustainable development goal 4 aims at 'ensuring equitable and quality education and promoting life-long learning for all'. Where are we in implementing this goal? What evidence is there from current global practice that supports our ambition?

The British Council believes that inclusion involves an integrated approach to policy, educational culture and classroom practice and that good practice is an ongoing process. Key issues are access, engagement, empowerment and enablement. What do these terms mean and how can they be applied? Come along to this engaging participatory session which will be of interest to us all looking to be more inclusive in finding solutions in supporting quality learning approaches in our different contexts. 

Speakers: Maha Khochen-Bagshaw, Varinder Unlu, Fiona Robertson, David Crabtree


Submitted by Bill Templer on Sat, 04/06/2019 - 15:33

This BBC article of relevance in Britain regarding exclusion/inclusion:of learners from a community at perceived risk:

Submitted by carmen frank on Tue, 04/02/2019 - 18:11

Maha's data/ findings broaden my view on inclusive education. I do try to involve kids in different ways because my motto is "Children come in all sorts", but during and after Varinder's and Fiona's talk some instances which happened in class, in school or in community kept coming back to me, now in a new picture, as they were not examples of inclusion but integration ones. So the entire talk enlighted me on the accurate meaning of inclusion.

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