Not again? A new revised edition of Practical English Usage

This talks looks at the new edition of Michael Swan's best-selling Practical English Usage (OUP).

About the session

I will recapitulate the principles behind the best-selling Practical English Usage (OUP) and explain why a fourth edition is needed. I will describe the many updates and additions and show how the material has been restructured, so that the book constitutes not only a usage guide, but also a complete learners' grammar. Finally, I will introduce the online edition.


Submitted by Fatma Attaalla on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 03:49

Thanks a lot. A brilliant idea to connect grammar to everyday academic use of language to produce correct chunks of sentences, paragraphs, to see such very little, yet sensitive differences. I liked the way Prof. Sawn received comments objectively, and the way appreciating the participation of others. Thanks a lot. A good chance to develop listening to native speakers.

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