Moments we need

Sometimes you have to wonder. Why do I do all this? The money is not good at all, the hours are long, the preparation takes up most of your free time and you are always tired. But still, there is something in this profession that keeps us going.

This last year has been very tough. I became a freelance again; I started trying out new things like teaching online, teaching Business English, teaching very young learners. Things that I had done in the past, things I was new at. And I got really really tired! What kept me going? It was my old students. I have read this quote somewhere: “Teachers who put relationships first, don’t just have students for one year. They have students who view them as “their teacher” for life” – Jastin Tarte

When I decided to become a teacher, I have never wanted to just teach. Human relationships were always very important to me and I have always kept in touch with my students. And they have kept in touch with me. So this very tough year, 2018, I have had messages, phone calls and also invites from students who are not my students anymore, but people who became friends. People who know you and trust you and recommend you to other people. People who think of you as family and call you to see if you are all right. People who are there if you need them. That was the motivation I got in 2018 and I have a feeling that this will be the motivation until I retire.

A big thank you to all of my students, old and new.

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