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Here are our most frequently asked questions and answers. Before you email us, you should check this page to see if your question is answered here.

I can't log in!

Please click here and enter your email address. Instructions to help you log in will be emailed to you.

I'm logged in but I still can't access the materials.
Are you trying to access LearnEnglish Kids? Teachers need to register first here.

Can you help me learn English?
As this site is intended for teachers of English we do not offer specific help with English language questions. If you would like to improve your English, the British Council and the BBC have specific sites for this:

Our sites for adults:
British Council LearnEnglish
BBC Learning English

Our site for teenagers (13-17):
LearnEnglish Teens

Our site for children (until the age of 12):
LearnEnglish Kids

Will the articles that you feature remain permanently on the site?
Yes, in most cases. All articles, tips, activities, and lesson plans, etc, will usually remain permanently on the site. However, sometimes it is necessary to remove material for administrative or copyright reasons and it cannot always be replaced.

Can you send me ...?
I'm afraid it's not possible for us to send individuals material. All the material we have is available on the site. To find what you are looking for, we recommend using our site search engine. You’ll find the search box in the top right hand corner of the page – or you can just click on this link:

Can I send you an article for this site?

Thank you for your interest in writing for us! However, I'm afraid we usually use our in-house team of writers to produce the content for our site.

Can I take a teacher training course with the British Council?
You can find out about teacher training courses with the British Council here.

I'm looking for a job teaching English.
To find out how to apply for a teaching job with the British Council please visit our teacher recruitment pages. You can find a list of current British Council vacancies here.

I'd like to know more about your webinars and seminars.
To watch previous webinars and seminars, and for news about upcoming events, visit our webinars and seminars pages. 

How can I apply to enter the ELTons?

You can read all about the ELTons here. When it's possible to enter the next ELTons, it will be announced there! 

I wrote to you but haven't received a reply yet.
We do read all your comments and emails, and while we aim to respond to any relevant enquiry, unfortunately it is not always possible for us to reply individually to correspondence. 

I posted a comment on the site and it hasn’t been published. 
We aim to publish all comments on the site within 48 hours. All comments are read by one of our moderators first, so you may have to be patient. We don’t publish comments that break our house rules.

I subscribed to the mailing list but haven't received a newsletter yet.
We usually send out the newsletter once a week, however at certain periods of the year, the newsletter will be less frequent. If you haven't received a newsletter after two weeks, please check your junk mail folder and add to your list of safe senders. 

Where is my local British Council office or teaching centre?
Select your country from our list of British Council offices and teaching centres worldwide here.

How can I keep in touch with TeachingEnglish?
Register with us! Registration is free and only takes a few moments.
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