Oxford University Press Signature Event: Beneficial consequences of assessment

This event explores the opportunities and pitfalls of assessment.

1.5 hours

About the event

Few topics in education can polarize opinions as much as assessment. The truth, as usual, lurks somewhere in the shadows. Oxford University Press has invited a panel of academics, experts, practitioners and teacher educators to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of assessment.

What is their advice to teachers/school directors/ministries who are facing the task of implementing tests in their context? What considerations should they take into account, what tools or solutions to put in place to help release the beneficial consequences of assessment?

The different strands will include:

  • The use and misuse of tests
  • Assessment literacy among teachers
  • Assessment for learning, of learning and as learning
  • Where to look for guidance and support


Erika Osvath, Diane Schmitt, Annamaria Pinter, Ed Hackett, Tony Green

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