Here we are making available a collection of audio dialogues to enable teachers to help students develop their pronunciation.  

If you have teaching ideas for how to use these dialogues to develop your students' pronunciation, we would love to hear from you and publish your ideas on the site.

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Audio dialogue
981Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 1 In a language school café
328Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 2 Husband and wife
498Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 3 Visiting a friend
423Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 4 Making an appointment
638Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 5 Planning the shopping
610Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 6 A wrong number
881Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 7 Ordering a meal
150Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 8 Ordering pie
283Kb Mp3 - Dialogue 9 Meeting an old friend


Please note - file sizes for audio may be very large and can take a time to download depending on your connection speed. To download the audio file:-

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  • Select location where you wish to save
  • Click save


Copyright information - Please Read
These audio files are copyright British Council. You may download the files for your own personal or classroom use only. They may not be copied, distributed or made available to other websites. For any questions relating to the use of these programmes please email:

These recordings were produced by British Council, Singapore and first appeared on the 'Practice Your Pron' CD.

Producer: Allen Baird
Sriptwriter: Lesley Fellingham
Readers: Gill Atkinson, Shaza Haq, David Humphreys,
Editors: Irene Cruikshanks, Paul Tolton, Alaisdair Raynham, david Kemp, Allen Baird

For more information on the CD contact:

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Great resources! Thanks a lot. Would like to share an idea on using the dialogues in the classroom but the link doesn't seem to appear on the page. 

I've added some instructions. Here's a link to the post, which is on Edmodo, but I've made it public so you should be able to see it:

I've got a copy of the original CD, and would like to see the British Council put the whole thing on the internet. There were 32 tracks originally and I think it would be a useful pronunciation resource.

On you have to click on the sentences to hear them, but at you only have to move your mouse over the pictures and here moving your mouse over the phrases plays the audio. I'd like the last style, but would still be happy with the first!