York St John University launches enhanced online course for teachers

Chris Hall and Rachel Wicaksono, from York St John University, announce the release of a new version of their Changing Englishes online course for teachers.

The course is a free self-study resource designed to help trainee and practising teachers of English meet the new challenges – and realise the benefits – of Global Englishes.

The new course includes:

1. Revised and updated content: The course content has been completely updated with the latest research findings on learning, using, and teaching Global Englishes.

2. Individual user accounts: Users can track their progress and receive certificates upon completion automatically.

3. Discussion and reflection forums: Integrated forums facilitate interaction with others on the course, providing opportunities for discussion and reflection on course topics.

4. Improved navigation: The updated course offers easier navigation, allowing users to access resources and information easily.

5. Optimised for all platforms: The course is now optimised for use across all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all users.

The Changing Englishes course has five self-paced units, each exploring new ideas about English and their implications for learning, teaching and use. With an estimated completion time of ten to fifteen hours, the course offers flexibility for everyone. Additionally, all course content can be downloaded in MS Word, helping users to integrate content into their own online teaching or training programmes.

This enhanced version of the Changing Englishes online course shows York St John University's commitment to providing valuable resources to educators worldwide. 

The original course, version 1, was funded by a 2013 English Language Teaching Research Award grant from the British Council.

Visit the ChangingEnglishes free online course.

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