Our latest tip looks at ‘Critical thinking’. Watch Alister using the map of the world with his young learner class to encourage greater critical thinking in language learning.



You are a versatile teacher.I do appreciate your teaching very much.Nothing be more important than teaching kids' critical thinking in our teaching lessons.I am new here.I am an enthusiastic learner.Hope learn more from you all.Thank you!


This is what I call motivation.

Thanks Alister.

It was really a very useful video. The longitudes meet at both the poles, but they never meet in the map. The farther we go from equator, the more is the stretch. The experiment done by the teacher by giving a tiny globe each really helped the learners to think critically. Great job!

Could u provide me a link for this video to download.
I am looking for online course which is accredited.

Hi Zarin

Unfortunately the videos on our site are not available for download, but are free to use in the classroom / training room directly from the site.
If you are looking for online teacher training courses, take a look at our training courses pages here: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/training-courses - you can find a range of courses on different topics.
I hope that helps,


TE Team


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