I've had a lot of trouble finding reading resources for my adult ESOL learners.

What I'm looking for are internet story resources at all levels suitable for an adult class. When I find stories at the appropriate language levels they are always clearly only suitable for children. When I find stories suitable for adults, the language level is often for fluent native speakers. I'm mostly intereested in short stories that we can read as a class and use to examine various language functions.

If anyone has any ideas or useful web sites with this kind of thing on, I'd love to hear about them.



Hi Bob


You can find lots of different reading resources with interactive quizzes on the BC's LearnEnglish website. The reading sections is here: 



Nice colletion of short stories here:



Hope these are useful




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  • Minats
  • Thank you for a good question. I also want to ask about the copyright - can I use LearnEnglish Reading and other available resources for creating tests in the examination format if I place them on the Internet (eg, on my site or any special site for these purposes) and don't charge for that?

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