This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at pre-intermediate level and above explores the theme of advertising. Students will discuss advertising and produce a storyboard.


In this lesson students produce a storyboard for an advertisement. It's suitable for pre-intermediate level and above. The exercises in this lesson introduce some of the elements of advertisements such as slogans.

There is a discussion on where advertisements can be found. The concept of a storyboard is introduced and an example of a storyboard for an advert is examined in detail. In the final stage of the lesson, students are given the opportunity to produce their own storyboard to advertise a product. Extension tasks are also suggested.






Pre-Intermediate and above


60-90 mins


Lesson plan: guide for teacher on procedure.

Download lesson plan 75k pdf

Worksheets: exercises and answers, also an example storyboard which can be printed out and used in class. The worksheets contain:

  • A matching activity
  • A cloze activity
  • An example storyboard
  • Comprehension questions
  • A storyboard template

Download worksheets 542k pdf


By Adam Malster, British Council Taipei

To download the pdf files below, right click on the file and save to your computer



I used your suggested lesson plan, and it worked very well. As an extension activity, I had my students create their own slogans. Our occasion was the opening of our renovated bookstore, so my students had a clear, realistic goal. It was sort of a competition and it worked well. Rania

Hi. I find your TP very useful towards my marketing themed topic. This is my  first out of CELTA class! Wish me luck to pull it through smoothly. Cheers.

Anyone accessed this lesson plan recently, I can't seem to get it to upload 

Hi Nicola

I've checked the lesson plan and you should be able to access it now.



Can't seem to be able to access the lesson materials

Hi Anthony

I've checked the lesson plan and you should be able to access it now.




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