British Council Teaching for Success is the British Council’s approach to teacher development in state education systems.

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Our vision is that: “All teachers in the world have high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities that improve their own practice and their learners’ success”.

Teaching for Success represents current insight, evidence and research into effective continuing professional development, relevant to school teachers of all subjects. This demonstrates that:

  • improving the quality of teaching has the most impact on improving the outcomes of learners
  • CPD is the most effective way to improve the quality of teaching.

Effective continuing professional development is at the heart of the approach. This means that we develop strong partnerships with governments and encourage strong leadership in supporting the CPD of teachers, based on mutual understanding of the principles of effective continuing professional development for teachers. We develop expertise in country to ensure longer-term impact. We focus CPD on teacher needs and outcomes, and on learner outcomes in the classroom. We demonstrate the effectiveness of CPD activity by accurately monitoring progress, measuring impact and evaluating success using our reliable evaluation tools. The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded throughout.

Teaching for Success is relevant to teachers of all subjects. It includes high-quality teacher training and development resources particularly for English language teachers, and incorporates the technology appropriate to the teachers and their context. The approach builds on our many years’ experience of working with governments and brings international expertise and high-quality resources to improving the quality of teaching and learning in education systems. It provides all that is needed to help teachers progress from understanding their needs to improving quality in the classroom.

Our approach ensures effective action through the whole process of improving quality in the classroom and achieving ‘Teaching for Success’:

  1. Evaluate needs and priorities accurately
  2. Design quality projects and programmes
  3. Deliver quality projects and programmes
  4. Measure impact accurately

This leads to quality in the classroom.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is central to the Teaching for Success approach. CPD is a planned, continuous and lifelong process. Teachers develop their personal and professional qualities, and improve their knowledge, skills and practice. This leads to improvements in their performance as teachers, the outcomes for their learners, benefits for their schools, and the teacher’s own confidence and autonomy as a professional.

The aim for CPD in Teaching for Success is that it has a transformational impact on teachers and their learners. This means that CPD helps education systems and teachers to achieve deep, systemic, and sustainable improvement in their performance and the outcomes for learners.

Research evidence shows that in order to do this CPD activity should be concrete and classroom-based, sustained over time, and fully supported by educational leadership. Teachers themselves need to be involved in selecting the activity that helps them develop. CPD also needs to facilitate collaboration between teachers and experts, and include mentoring and coaching.

Our Continuing Professional Development Frameworks for teachers and teacher educators provide the guidance for teachers and teacher educators to understand their own needs and stages of development and identify the right activity to develop themselves and meet their challenges. Most teachers and teacher educators will have an irregular profile, at different stages of development in different professional practices.

Teaching for Success provides the expertise and resources for quality CPD for teachers and teacher educators in education systems across the world.

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For more information about our approach and free resources to help you with your professional development, visit the Continuing Professional Development pages on this website.


Submitted by jvl narasimha rao on Sat, 04/08/2017 - 08:42


the famous educationist Emerson says "education is an unending experiment.It is an ever elasticity of mind"In the say way Teaching is a life long process and one's teaching continues till the end of one's life.If a teacher wants to be a real professional , he must keep himself abreast of the new trends in the field of teaching.We can not teach in the same we were taught 40 years ago.I feel that teaching should change from class to class and day to day.It is possible only if the teacher seeks continuous professional development.unfortunately, only a few teachers resort to CPD

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