It is important that online safety is discussed with teenagers who might not always be aware of dangers, especially in a world in which more and more young people are spending more and more time online.

Katherine Bilsborough

This lesson addresses the topic of online safety in a motivating way, allowing students to discuss issues, share their opinions and ideas and then do some online activities to finish the lesson or as a homework task.


  • To develop students’ spoken fluency and use of modals for advice.
  • To develop higher level critical thinking skills by ranking a series of tips in order of importance.
  • To encourage students to think about the importance of online safety.




CEF level A2 and above


50-60 minutes


The lesson plan and the role-play worksheets can be downloaded below. You will also need to download and print the three worksheets from

You can also download two online safety posters for teenagers and kids, produced by the British Council.

Find out more about addressing online safety with your learners in our teacher development module Engaging with learning technologies – cyber well-being.



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