Rants and Raves - Queuing

This activity provides short listening practice based around a monologue regarding queuing etiquette in the UK. The monologue provides observations of queuing. 

Derek Spafford

In this lesson, students will listen to a monologue about a persons reflection of queuing etiquette in the UK. They will match adjectives to synonyms and antonyms and complete a listening comprehension activity. There are also suggestions for developing the theme of queuing to practise specific areas of grammar.


  • To practise listening skills
  • To improve students’ vocabulary – synonyms and antonyms of adjectives

Age group:



CEF level A2-B1


30 minutes plus time for developing the theme


The lesson plan, transcript and student worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below

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Podcast - talking about queuing Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

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Submitted by saravb on Mon, 02/08/2021 - 12:32

Love your lesson plans and they really work.

Just am puzzled: here the students had to put in adjectives from the listening BEFORE doing the listening!!! How do we do that? I thought I'd get them to think of synonyms and then listen and write down the ones in the text. 

Hi Saravb

Thanks for the feedback and your comment - I've taken a look, and I see what you mean - the first activity is not especially clear! I think the idea here is that first (before listening), the students check the meaning of the synonyms and antonyms, and give example sentences. Then the first general or "gist" listening task is to write down adjectives that they hear from the audio - and to match them to the adjectives in the table. Then they try to answer the "after listening" questions and finally they listen to the audio a final time to check their answers. I hope that makes it a little clearer - we'll update the lesson notes.

Hope you and your students enjoy using this resource!


TE Team

Submitted by Sandy on Sun, 01/31/2021 - 11:58

So true as well, put a smile on my face even before teaching. Let's see what my students make of it! Thank you.

Submitted by Jason Jixun M… on Thu, 04/26/2018 - 12:22

This course plan was great in schooling language-teaching, but was hard to wake up public awareness. You knew, when a teacher tried to organize this activity ideally but couldn't find practical phenomena in reality to reflect out and test, what's his or her feeling? A little bit painful? How can kids get examples from life? ... That's one problem usually driving education guys crazily between the idealism and the reality, and between public habits and the reasonability ... Hopefully, in the future, teachers all around the world can practice this type of activities in a much easier way.

Submitted by ray67 on Sun, 02/12/2017 - 20:02

thank you very much for such a great help in making lesson plans for my students! Just a query , pls. Can I also download the audio recordings somehow? :) Thanks Radek

Submitted by Cath McLellan on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 08:32

In reply to by ray67

Hi ray67 Yes, if you click on the icon next to the audio (there is a little arrow), you can download the audio to your computer. Alternatively, right click on the audio bar and then 'Save as'. Hope that helps, Cath

Submitted by lfavilao on Fri, 09/30/2016 - 14:08

It is a good activity

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