Portraits of inspiring English teachers in China and Indonesia

This paper investigates the nature of inspiring English language teaching.

It is reporting on observations of English language classes in China and Indonesia. The research project received funding from the British Council’s English Language Teaching Research Award.

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Submitted by Ephrem Palathingal on Mon, 02/15/2016 - 14:39


Around the 90s I was put up next to 3 S'pore teachers who came down to a college in Madurai Tamil Nadu India. We were on 2nd level 12 Omkar Block Parsn Shrishti and they in 11...opp their college. Later a Mauritian girl came down with grand uncle and aunt....all to grad in Tamil. I was eagerly tasting their English slang mixed with their Mandarin and Mauritian"Phrench"...they made good learning to my daughter who had it as optional language. Last summer I had been to Malaysia, S'pore and Thailand met in addition, Chinese and Indonesian tourists...and talked a lot to. The English as an international language has gone ahead in a good direction as the I.T sector has made the world into a global village. BBC or the English teaching as a world 2nd most used is coming true...the Chinese are yielding to English. as international.

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