A fun Lesson plan that lasts an hour!

This is a lesson plan entitled 'Role Models,' that I have been using with my students, it always works well and lasts the full hour.

Before you have your class write up a page of vocabulary on role models, for example, ' A role model is someone other people admire in society' and ' A role model can be a family member and is not always a celebrity.'

Use helpful phrases like , ' I admire ....... because,' and 'I am inspired by ........ because.

It is useful if you translate the phrases into their native language, as they seem to learn better this way as the information is infront of them, and being honest if they don't understand a word they may not always ask and the majority won't look it up in the dictionary themselves, so in order to make them learn it is better to do this translation work for them in advance.

  • At the very beginning of your class tell the class that you are only going to require a little bit of work from them for the first part of the class but after that the remainder of the class will be a game! This always keeps their attention and makes them more inclined to work. Then simply write the words  Role Model on the bord, ask the class if anyone knows what it means, if no one answers, pick a few random students and ask them to at least try and guess.
  • Then give a brief explanantion, ' My role model for example is Barack obama as he is influential and I am in awe of him becuse he has won The Noble Prize, he is the first black president of America and he has changed somethings for the better,'
  • Then hand them out the sheet of vocabulary you prepared earlier and ask them one by one to read a phrase each, once they have read the phrase, correct any pronouncation errors and then repeat it in English so they can hear it said by a native tongue.
  • Once the page of vocabulary has been read go around and ask each of them who they think their role model in life is, some students will say they don't know, if this is the case simply coax them a little, ask them do they have a favourite actor, singer or even a family member or friend  they admire, then tell them they now have 10-15 minutes to write as much as they can under the title of ' Who is your role model and why?' tell them to use your page of vocabulary as guidence.
  • While they are writing you have a bit of down time, but do ask them if they need help and go around to each student one by one to see if what they are writing is correct language, when the time is up and they have finished writing ask them to read what they have written one by one.
  • When they have all finished tell them it is time for the game!
  • The game is simple, put your students into pairs, write on  a small piece of paper an admirable celebrity, they must know the celebrity and it works best if  they are interested in the person. I have used celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, Princess Diana, Micheal jackson and Celine Dion, to name a few!
  • They must keep their celebrities name hidden from the rest of the class,  in their pairs they have 5 minutes to prepare clues about their celebrity, but not too obvious ones! Then each pair takes it in turn to come to the front of the class and tell the class their clues, the students have to try and guess who they are talking about, if you want to add in a competition element give a point to each pair when one of them guesses correctly. If it happens you get to the end of the game and you still have time left just simply do another round with different celebrity names and so on until the bell rings! They enjoy playing this game and it makes the time pass quickly!
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