Our latest teaching tip looks at how using humour in the classroom can help with classroom management as well as create a warm atmosphere and help relax students.

Watch Dale demonstrating some simple techniques for introducing elements of humour with a likes and dislikes activity and discussing his ideas.



Hi there, I think using humour is brilliant. It does help create a much more relaxed atmosphere but I don't think it's something a teacher can "learn". I think it's part of their personality. It either comes naturally or it won't really work...

After watching the video, I do agree with your comment Juliapm...homour is part of one's own personality....it can't be learned.

I agree, humour is something that cannot necessarily be learnt. Observing lessons, I have found that often teachers who try and be funny can be equally as funny to the pupils however you may not know you are being funny! :-)

I believe in adding humour, but it can go awry. It must be used delicately and only at the teachers expense - never the student. It is all dependable on the age range too. I cannot understand how this man is funny, about as dry as a hot summers day.

Talking about humor the most important thing at first is to break the ice (usually for the beginning sessions). It depends on the age and the personality of the learners too. I have to be almost serious with limited sense of humor in the kids class since they will try to act like the teacher and disobey the discipline, however, I feel quite ease with adults when expressing sense of humor. Secondly whatever trick is used, it should be used for pedagogical purpose. As stated partially in the video, the learners will notice (schmit 1997) the target word or structure that results in better retention and understanding of words.

Hi! I'd like to post a short article on my blog making reference to this post and providing some more tips about the use of humour that have been useful to me in the classroom. I'd like to have your permission to do so and any referencing details you'd like me to include.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Lyra

I've just tried the video and its working fine. Can you try using a different browser and see if that helps.

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