This lesson is for teenagers or young adults with a language level of A2-B2 and focuses on developing listening skills based around the topic of ‘names’.

Katherine Bilsborough


For a listening lesson to be successful, the learners need to be engaged with the audio. It might not always be possible to motivate all the learners in the class to the same degree but the important thing is to use an audio which all of the learners can, in some way, relate to. If you are in a position where you can choose an audio, ask yourself ‘Will each and every one of the learners recognise this? Will they be able to say something about it? Will they have an opinion about it?’ If the answer to most of those questions is affirmative, then there is a chance that the learners will also be interested in the topic and improve their listening skills in the lesson. 

This month’s lesson mainly focuses on developing listening skills but other skills are integrated too, with opportunities for speaking, reading and writing. The lesson is based around the topic of ‘names’. Everybody has a name and everybody knows other people with names. Names are linked to culture and tradition. They are important to people.

Topic: Names - an integrated skills lesson with the main focus on listening


  • To develop students’ listening skills
  • To engage students in a classroom discussion
  • To encourage students to think about the cultural significance of names

Age: Teenagers and young adults

Level: A2-B2

Time: 60 minutes +


1. Names worksheet (1 per student)
2. Names transcript (1 per student)
3. Names answer key (Teacher)

Access the audio here

Find out more about listening skills for learners in our teacher development module Understanding listening skills.



Hi debinfrance and Ababareena

Have a look at the teachers notes (Procedure Point 2) . You can find a link to the audio there.

Best wishes


Hi, this plan is very useful. I'm searching and it is perfect. Thank you.

I really appreciate it,i will be confidential when using it in my class to teach my learners.
Thanks,and my pleasure to know this site.

This looks interesting, and I plan to use it. But I noticed something missing:
In the "Names_student_worksheet" document, #4 in the listening section only has options A & C -- option B is left blank.


Thanks for your comment, and for letting us know about the missing option! The student worksheet has been updated now - Enjoy the lesson,

TE Team

Such a wonderful idea for a lesson. The Audio might be a little too advanced for my Japanese ESL learners but I am gonna try anyway with translations where necessary. Hopefully, it works out for them. I see it being an excellent introduction for my senior Japanese ESL students. Thanks a lot for this

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