Dictionary skills for primary students

This lesson develops learners' reading and dictionary skills.

Katherine Bilsborough

In this lesson pupils do a fun quiz to develop their dictionary skills. They then work in small groups to create their own dictionary quiz using a template.


  • To develop learners' dictionary skills
  • To raise learners' awareness of the information they can find in a dictionary
  • To develop learners' skills of prediction when they come across new vocabulary
  • To encourage group collaboration in project work
  • To promote creativity

Age group



CEFR level A2–B2


60 minutes +


The lesson plan and worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need class dictionaries or an online dictionary. Cambridge and Macmillan both have online dictionaries:



Lesson plan358.64 KB
Quiz318.51 KB
Answers259.62 KB
Template172.22 KB
Story text254.13 KB
Language Level


Submitted by KaraAharon on Wed, 09/17/2014 - 17:50


I really like the way you integrate active learning by having the students find the answers, check themselves and make quizzes for others. It's not really clear, however, how the story fits in.

Hi Kara Thank you for your positive comments about the lesson plan and activities! The story fits as part of the dictionary quiz that the learners do (part 6 asks them to match 14 words in the story with the definitions on the quiz worksheet). Hope this helps. Paul

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