This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers at level A2/B1 and above explores the theme of space exploration. Students will learn more about the topic and have a chance to discuss ideas.


This lesson looks at recent developments in the search for habitable planets and opens up the topic of the possibility of life on other planets.


Space exploration to find habitable planets






60-90 mins


  • To help students understand a text about space exploration
  • To develop students' vocabulary on the topic of astronomy and space exploration
  • To develop students' communication and discussion skills


Lesson plan: guide for teacher on procedure.

Download lesson plan

Worksheets: can be printed out for use in class.

  • worksheet - seven tasks

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By Sally Trowbridge

The plans and worksheets are downloadable and in MS Word format - right click on the attachment below and save it on your computer.

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This is a good subject, I find that students, wherever they're from, are curious about what's out their on other planets!

This material contains new infromation for students. My 6th grade students were very exciting answering the question "Will you be sad if you find out that we a re alone in the galaxy or happy if you find out that we share with other life forms?" One of the girls told me that she would like to travel to other planets with her family.  They  also show curiousity in Kepler telescope. The text is good. It will be better if the text was written with simple words at least for non native speakers.

This lesson is full of new facts which are alluring and fascinating for me and my students.During the whole lesson the students were curious about what's going on other planets.Particularly they enjoyed Word cloud activity.This lesson also  strengthen the student's vocabulary on the topic of astronomy.

me and my students liked this topic..and they learnt new information and new words..thnax for all..

Hi Kapil,
Thanks for letting us know the link wasn't working - I've updated it, so the link should work fine now. Let me know if you have any problems.


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