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30 Apr 2014

An app a day keeps the dull writing lesson away - 6 apps to make teenage and young adult learners write

30 Jan 2012

Oh the introduction, and when do I put the examples.. and what about the explanation.. and oh my God the conclusion, what to write there...

  • I’ve always thought writing is an effective method to learn because it allows time to think, to prepare, to make mistakes and to correct them. There are a lot of learners who disagree, though.Do your students moan and groan when it comes to writing...
  • An ESSAY is just like a great, big, fat, juicy HAMBURGER! The BUNS are the introduction and the conclusion. Basically the same.(What will I write about AND What did I write about)The BURGER is the MAIN IDEA.The DRESSING are the FACTS and the...