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Teacher reflection: asking yourself, "Did I . . . ?"

Reflecting on your teaching is by asking yourself a series of “Did I . . . ?” questions at regular intervals while planning and teaching...

Teacher Development via Conferences: The Way Forward ... Unfinished Business

Conference Development, the topic I have chosen for this month for several reasons close to my heart.

7 things about reflecting on conference presentations

Spring to me doesn't mean flowers in bloom, it means conferencing.

Play the Game (parts 1, 2, 3)

I remember when I was about 17 years-old coming home from the pub on a Friday or Saturday night, I used to time myself from one lamppost...

Teachers as learners, Part 5: Take a look around you

A PLN starts at home.

Teachers as learners, Part 4: Conferences, seminars & workshops

One great way to keep up to date with what's happening in ELT or get new ideas for you classes has always been the conference.

PLN, A staffroom without borders

Having a PLN is a privilege.

Professional development: in house training

I mentioned in my bio that one of my interest areas is continuing professional development.

A smooth finish to CELTA Training #3

Well, my third course has just finished and everything went quite smoothly. 

  • Over the years I have found the most fruitful method of reflecting on my teaching is by asking myself a series of “Did I . . . ?” questions at regular intervals while planning and teaching my lessons. These questions help focus my attention on...
  • To name one: I started attending ELT International conferences as lecturer back in 1999 (LABCI Montevideo, Uruguay) ... the beginning of an enchanting 15-year journey to date (with some travelling as well ... indeed).To start with I wish to share...
  • Spring to me doesn’t mean flowers in bloom, it means conferencing. I’ve been thinking about whether I could generalise the way I watch conference presentations to then come up with a list of things I think are good to keep in mind, which can maybe...
  • PART 1 (written April 2011) My walk home generally took around 30-35 minutes and was pretty boring so this little game I played with myself made the journey home slightly more bearable and took my mind off the distance I still had to go. I hadn't...
  • Many people nowadays associate PLN ('Personal Learning Network') with the connections made online e.g. through blogging, Twitter and virtual conferences. However, we sometimes forget the most important people in our PLN - the people we work with...
  • They provide us with the opportunity to meet other teachers face to face and benefit from the knowledge of teacher trainers, authors and experienced teachers. Sometimes, this happens through large events that last an entire weekend and sometimes, it...
  • It is your Personal Learning Network whom you can rely on whenever you need help advice, ideas and inspirations. Whenever you lose hope, feel unmotivated, got stuck with new ideas or when you think you don’t know where to look first, you can ask...
  • Hello everybodyIn this blog entry I would like to look at this from the point of view of provision of in house meetings and workshop programmes.
  • Well, my third course has just finished and everything went quite smoothly.  All 12 candidates made it to the end, and despite a couple of ups and downs for a couple of teachers/trainees towards