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'We were never born to read'

The title of this entry is the first sentence in Chapter 1 of Maryanne Wolf's book Proust and the Squid (2007). This is a very...

The Role of Literature in ELT - Part One

The relationship between Literature and English Language Teaching has been rather a difficult marriage throughout all these years.

  • Ironically enough my first encounter with the sentence was not through reading, but through listening.Wolf's traces back the development of reading throughout human evolution and analyses how our brains learnt how to read, identifying some of...
  • There have been moments of unfortunate separation and attempted reconciliations skilfully planned (Carter, 1988a, 1988b; Carter, 1989; Lazar, 1993; Cook, 1994; Short, 1996) which seem to foretell they will live happily for a while. Yet, one should...